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Duble Fistikli Tahin Helvasi

Yetkin     350g.
100 yili askindir Antep in gurur kaynagi Yetkin helva'dan mukemmel tad. Deneyin vazgecemiyceksiniz.

Sade Helva

Hodja     500g.
Halva is any of various dense, sweet, tahini based confections. In global, popular usage it means "desserts" or "sweet", and describes two types of desserts: Flour-based: This type of halva is slightly gelatinous and made from grain flour, typically semolina. The primary ingredients are clarified butter, flour, and sugar. Nut-butter-based: This type of halva is crumbly and usually made from tahini (sesame paste) or other nut butters, such as sunflower seed butter. The primary ingredients are nut butter and sugar. Halva may also be based on various other ingredients, including sunflower seeds, nut varieties, beans, lentils, and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, yams and squashes. Halva can be kept at room temperature with little risk of spoilage. However, during hot summer months, it is better kept refrigerated, as it can turn runny after several days.

Sade Helva

Cheshni     350g.
$2.49 $2.99
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