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Horio Sizma Zeytinyagi (Max. %0.8)

Minevra     750ml.
Horio extra virgin olive oil Koroneiki variety is produced solely from Koroneiki variety olives, which is one of the finest olive varieties in Greece. The main characteristic of this variety is that it is not edible; the fruit can only produce high quality olive oil. The Horio Koroneiki variety stands out because of its rich, fruity aroma and full-bodied flavor.

Kalamata Sizma Zeytinyagi (Max. Acidity 0.8%)

Minevra     500ml.
This was the first olive oil in Greece that came in a premium extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O), exclusively from selected olives from sunny Messinian valley in the south-western tip of the Peloponnese, a vast olive grove which produces the world-renowned olive oil 'Kalamata'. The excellent climate of Messinia, the sunshine (more than 3000 hours per year) the caring producers who love to pamper every tree and collect its crop at the correct ripeness are some of the factors that give excellent quality to this Greek treasure. Minerva Kalamata extra virgin olive oil is renowned for its full bodied flavor and its particularly fruity and peppery aroma Ideal for salad dressings, grilled meat, pasta sauces, oven-baked stews and casseroles.