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Antique 100% Olive Oil Soap

Dalan     200g.
Out of stock
Antique Soap which has been produced for over 70 years, is manufactured from 100% olive oil which is produced in our own factory. The pure and the natural soap Dalan Antique is 100% hand made and has a natural colour which comes from olive oil. It is the only multi-functional natural soap.

D'Olive 100% Olive Oil Soap

Dalan     150g.
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Dalan d Olive brings you this unique and rich source to care for your skin and hair. Due to its high VITAMIN E content and ANTI-OXIDANT properties, olive oil helps to revitalize, nourish and moisturize your skin. Upon continual use it strengthens and provides brightness to your hair.

Olive Oil Soap (200g x 4pk)

Dalan     800g.
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