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Dough & Pita

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Pastry Leaves (3 Pcs)

Merve     500g.
No Additives and Preservatives

Triangular Pastry Leaves (28 Pcs)

Merve     400g.
No Additives and Preservatives.

Handmade Pastry Leaves (Yufka - 3pc)

Omur     500g.
Handmade Pastry Leaves (3 pcs)

Handmade Triangle Pastry Leaves (Yufka - 28pc)

Omur     400g.
Handmade Pastry Leaves (Triangle)

Puff Pastry Dough (Frozen)

SuperFresh     1kg.
20 pc Frozen Puff Pastry Dough

Iraqi Somun Bread (6pk)

Local     1.3lb
Traditional Iraqi Somun Bread. A light and fluffy flat bread expertly crafted. It is baked & frozen, reheat to serve.

Village Style Somun Bread (Somun - 5pk)

Kras     2.5lb
Traditional Village Style Bosnian Somun Bread. A light and fluffy flat bread expertly crafted. Fluffy aromatic crumb with a pocket baked right in. It is baked & frozen, reheat to serve. 230g/each.

Pita Bread (12 Loaves)

PITA INN     2.5lb.
Freshly baked 12 pieces Pita bread (Diameter 6") from Chicago's famous Pita Inn. All Natural No trans fat used

Turkish Flatbread (Lavash) (10 Pieces - Large D10")

NEMA     600g
Turkish Lavash is a delicious flatbread for all kinds of roll-ups such as veggie, chicken or beef doner roll-ups. For the best results, warm before using.

Baked Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Ege     200g.

Baked Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Ege     400g.

Dried Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Kral     500g.
Place 500gr. Tel Kadayif into a baking tray. Add butter slices on top of it. Add sherbet which has been prepared before. It can be used for Kadayif as well as for Kunefe.