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Elit Cikolata

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Dark Chocolate Covered Antep Pistachios

Elit Cikolata     12oz.
Out of stock
Perfectly roasted Antep pistachio kernels smothered in delicious dark chocolate. This contains 60% cocoa.

Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peels

Elit Cikolata     12oz.
Words cannot do justice to describe our dark chocolate covered orange peel. Real diced orange peel is drenched in luscious dark chocolate for the ultimate treat. Each piece is rich, sweet, delectable and satisfying. It takes care of your sweet or chocolaty craving every time. This contains 60% cocoa.

Dark Chocolate Covered Turkish Hazelnuts

Elit Cikolata     12oz.
Dark chocolate covered hazelnuts are sure to be a hit among hazelnuts lovers! Chocolate lovers will also enjoy the sweet nuttiness that hazelnuts bring to this unique treat. Our round roasted hazelnuts are generously dipped in luscious dark chocolate for a snack that wows. This contains 60% cocoa.

Premium Gourmet Dragees (Gift Box)

Elit Cikolata     250g.
Milk & Dark & White Chocolate Covered Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Raisins