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Apple Vinegar

KILIKYA     500ml.

Grape Vinegar

KILIKYA     500ml.

Pomegranate Molasses

Cortas     410g.
No preservatives added. Produced from natural Pomegranates. Rich in Vitamin C, iron and potassium, the sweet and sour juice of the pomegranate is filtered after boiling. The pomegranate glaze is an intense, full flavoured reduction of the wonderful fruit juice ingredient, with the texture of demi-glaze. It adds a distinctive taste to soups, meals, salads. Mix it with olive oil to make a dressing for salads. Brush it on grilled meat, turkey, chicken, poultry and seafood. Use it to glaze roasts. Add wine or fruit juice for an exotic drink.

Pomegranate Sauce

Bagdat     318g.
Rich in Vitamin C, iron and potassium, it has a mixture of flavors such as sweet, sweet-sour and sour. The pomegranate glaze/sauce produced by boiling pomegranate also has a sweet-sour taste. It adds a distinctive sourish taste to soups, dishes and salads. An intense, full flavored reduction of the fine Mediterranean fruit with the texture of a demi glace. Use as dressing for salads. Brush on all grilled meats, games, poultry and seafood. Glaze roasts. Saute or poach seafood, adding wine or fruit juice for an exotic sauce.