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Baked Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Kral     400g.
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Baked Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Kral     200g.

Dried Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Kral     500g.
Place 500gr. Tel Kadayif into a baking tray. Add butter slices on top of it. Add sherbet which has been prepared before. It can be used for Kadayif as well as for Kunefe.

Home Made Tarhana

Kral     250g.
Put one full spoon of tarhana and 1.5 glass of water in a pot for eech person. Stir continuously 15 mins with medium heat. Add some butter and serve.

Kemalpasa Dessert

Kral     140g
Kemal Pasha dessert (Turkish: Kemalpaşa tatlısı) is a dish that is very similar to gulab jamun. It originates from the district of Kemalpaşa, Bursa, in Turkey. Traditionally it is made using a cheese variety that is particular to the region. The dessert is prepared from a dough of flour, unsalted cheese, semolina, egg, water and baking powder. The dough is formed into small balls that are fried and then boiled in syrup. It can be eaten fresh or dried. In dried form it is often packaged in boxes of 24-50 portions. It is served with cream in winter and with ice cream in summer.

Sekerpare Dessert w/ Hazelnuts (15 pcs)

Kral     250g.

Sekerpare w/ Hazelnuts (15 pcs)

Gazioglu     240g.
Şekerpare is one of the popular desserts in the Turkish cuisine. Mainly prepared by baking some soft balls of almond based pastry dipped in thick lemon-flavored sugar syrup, şekerpare is pronounced “sheh-ker-pah-reh” in Turkish.