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Black Seed Oil

Talya Herbal     100 ml

Flower Honey

Cheshni     280g.

Milk Chocolate Rocks

Cheshni     567g.
These unique milk chocolate multi-colored chocolate rocks (or “rock chocolates”) are an amazing favor or edible decoration for any event. Chocolate rocks are candies designed to look like brightly colored river rocks. Serve these colorful chocolate rocks as party favors for a kid's birthday or outdoor celebration, and your guests will surely get a kick out of how realistic they look. Rock candy will add color to a candy buffet or dessert table.

Candy Coated Almonds

Cheshni     567g.
White Jordan almonds are a classic wedding candy. These extra fine Jordan almonds start with California almonds that are roasted slightly and covered in a white candy coating. They add a touch of elegance to any wedding, shower, or special celebration. White Jordan almonds are sophisticated and look gorgeous as favors wrapped in organza bags or heart-shaped tins.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Cheshni     567g.
Dark chocolate covered almonds are sure to be a hit among almond lovers! Chocolate lovers will also enjoy the sweet nuttiness that almonds bring to this unique treat. Almonds are generously dipped in luscious dark chocolate for a snack that wows. This contains 60% cocoa.

Turkish Ravioli (Manti)

Sanal     500g
World famous Turkish Manti comes with soy protein.

Home-made Noodles (Sacakli Eriste)

Sanal     400g
Produced from durum wheat.

Scratched Green Olives (Edremit Region)

Taris     1lb.
$4.99 $5.99
The olives selected carefully are first scored then processed with natural and traditional methods. Hand-picked olives are cut lengthwise, slicing about half a cm into the flesh and left for natural fermentation, making this delicacy possible. You can use these Edremit green scratched olives with the spices of your choice and experiment with mixing Tariş Olive Oil.

Pistachio Chocolate Cake (~12 Servings)

Seyidoglu     900g
This delicious European style birthday cake is produced by Seyidoglu under Ipek brand in America. Kept Frozen for freshness. We don't ship this product in order to prevent possible damage during transportation and it is only available at our location.

Authentic Turkish Bagel (Simit) 5 pk

Turkitch     5x100g.
World famous simit comes semi-baked and frozen. Bake at 482F and crispy and delicious in 7 minutes. No Additives. No Preservatives. All Natural.

Milk Chocolate w/ Pistachios

Eti     75g.
Milk chocolate with whole Antep Pistachios.

Full Fat Kashkaval Cheese

MuratBey     600g.
Muratbey Fresh Kashkaval cheese, a QUDAL- certified selection produced by preserving the traditional flavors and values and selected as the “best quality fresh kashkaval cheese” creates a difference on our tables with different offering alternatives as a snack and in main meals.

Roasted Eggplants

Cheshni     580g
Ready To Serve. 100% Natural product.

Exclusive Ezine Full Fat White Cheese (Bulk)

Tahsildaroglu     ~1.5 lb
Exclusive sheep's milk cheese. The weight is approximate per cubic piece. Tahsildaroglu special production Ezine Sheep’s-Goat’s-Cow’s milk White cheeses are manufactured through the processing of milk which is famous for its natural flavour and taste owing to the climate conditions of Ezine region. Ezine Sheep’s-Goat’s milk cheeses have to be kept for minimum 1 year, and Ezine Cow’s milk cheese has to be kept for minimum 6 months under cold weather conditions so that they can acquire their insatiable tastes. On account of this, it is recommended that after the package is opened, the portion to be consumed is treated with freshwater to maintain the natural taste and flavour. The remaining part should be covered with its own package, if possible inside the saltwater with minimum contact with air, and kept inside the refrigerator under +3/+5C. It should never be placed inside the deep freeze or freezer. If the portion to be consumed is taken out of the refrigerator before 30 minutes and kept under room temperature, the cheese will re-take its natural smell and taste, leaving a more permanent delicious taste in the mouth.

Turkish Coffee Pot (Clay)

Cheshni     125ml.
Hand-Made. Make your coffee in traditional taste.

Mild Soujouk

Apikoglu     1lb.
It consists of ground meat with various spices including cumin, sumac, garlic, salt, and red pepper, fed into a sausage casing and allowed to dry for several weeks. It can be more or less spicy; it is fairly salty and has a high fat content. Sucuk must be eaten cooked (when raw, it is very hard and stiff). It is often cut into slices and cooked without additional oil, its own fat being sufficient to fry it. At breakfast, it is used in a way similar to bacon or spam. It is fried in a pan, often with eggs, accompanied by a hot cup of sweet black tea. Sucuk also uses a meal material with haricot bean or in pastries at some regions in Turkey. In Bulgaria, raw, sliced sucuk is often served as an appetizer with raki or other high alcoholic drinks. In Lebanon, cooked sliced sucuk is made into sandwiches with garlic sauce and tomato.