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Cracked Green Olives (Hatay Region)

Saray     2lb.
Olive, which is the sacred fruit of olive tree originating from Eastern Mediterranean region and Antakya, is nourished with the moist breezes from Mediterranean Sea and the fertile soils in on the sides of Hatay, and is oiled with the plenteous rains in October. When harvest season arrives in November, which are completely indigenous, are pick up one by one without damaging the tree or its branches, and then crushed and skimmed off also with traditional methods.

Salted Sardine Rolls

Fins     7oz.
Traditional salted sardines for Meze dishes. Ready to Serve.

Marinated Seafood Salad

Fins     7oz.
Package weight is approximately 7oz. Produced in Turkey. All natural ingredients. Very good choice for a Meze plate. Ready to Serve.

Smoked Mussels in Oil

Fins     7oz.
Weight is approximately 7 oz for 25-30 piece mussels. Caught and produced in Turkey. Carefully cleaned and smoked mussels kept in vegetable oil. All natural product. Ready to Serve.

Smoked Trout in Oil

Fins     7oz.
Weight is approximately 7 oz for 2 slices. Caught and prodeuced in Turkey. Carefully cleaned and smoked trouts kept in vegetable oil. All natural product. Ready to Serve.

Bread Crumbs (Galeta Unu)

Bagdat     250g
No additional preservatives added, all natural.

Pistachio Pudding

Dr Oetker     91g.

Kadayif w/ Pistachios

Turkitch     600g
All Natural 100% hand-made pistachio kadayif. Kept frozen.Ready to eat.

$100 Gift Card

Best Turkish Food    
Our gift cards are very convenient way to give Turkish Foods to your loved ones. Let them choose whatever they like. All you need is their email address. And the promo code will be sent via email instantly after your purchase. Or if you prefer, we can send the physical card by regular mail.

Organic Deglet Noor Dates

Made in Nature     1lb
Out of stock
Food should be about flavor, wouldn’t you agree? And not the fake kind. The real kind. The kind only nature makes. Like what you’ll taste in these sun-dried Deglet Noor Dates aka the “Queen of Dates.” They’re plump. They’re prized. And they’re handpicked from trees in the hot Tunisian desert where the cool underground water tickles their toes. What’s more, their translucent blonde color and soft, caramel-like flavor make them bona fide snacking central. Seriously, they taste really, regally good. Maybe that’s where the name comes from.

Black Mulberry Juice

Tamek     1l.
Out of stock
The real fruit taste at every sip ... Black mulberry contains Vitamins C, K and E. Vitamin C provides an effective antioxidant at the same time. Tamek Black Mulberry Beverage does not contain preservatives and artificial colouring materials; it is completely protected by natural means and packed in sterile conditions and takes place in your meals.


Kral     400g
Güllaç is a Turkish dessert made with milk, pomegranate and a special kind of pastry. Walnuts, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts can be used in between the sheets. Since it is so lite and easy to digest, it is consumed especially during Ramadan. The taste is very refreshing and tasty.

Chocolate Milky Hazelnut Spread (Duo)

Sarelle     350g
Since 1936 Sagra quality. All Natural. Nothing added. No color agents. No trans-fats.

Premium Hazelnut Spread (Findik Ezmesi)

Sarelle     350g
Since 1936 Sagra quality. All Natural. Nothing added. No color agents. No trans-fats.

Lakerda (Salted Bonito In Oil)

Fins     7oz.
Weight is approximately 6-8 oz for 8 slices. Lakerda is a pickled bonito dish eaten as a meze in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and Greek Empire. Made from one-year-old bonito migrating through the Bosphorus is especially prized. Steaks of bonito are boned, soaked in brine, then salted and weighted for about a week. They are then ready to eat, or may be stored in olive oil. Sometimes large mackerel or small tuna are used instead of bonito. In Greece, lakerda is usually served as a meze, with sliced onion. Lemon juice and olive oil are common but criticized accompaniments. In Turkey it is usually served as meze, with sliced red onion, olive oil and black pepper. It is accompanied with raki.

Homemade Cheese Pastry (Su Boregi)

BTF Exclusive     ~2.5 lb.
Traditional 100% hand-made Turkish delicacy. No additives, no preservatives. All Natural . Ready to eat. It is cooked and frozen for freshness. Heat at 365F in a conventional oven for 15 minutes. Consume in 12 hours.

Chickpeas Candy

Saray     1lb.
Sugar-coated chickpeas are a crunchy treat with a sweet candy coating. As a naturally rich source of protein, dietary fiber, and minerals, garbanzo beans make this a nutritious snack that satisfies both savory and sweet cravings. These tasty, pastel-colored treats are perfect for Easter and other springtime celebrations.

Natural Honey Comb

Vintage Foods     1lb.
This all natural honey comb comes in a wood frame and we will portion it accordingly.