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Fresh Kashkaval Cheese

Pinar     400g.
Out of stock
It is a natural cheese variety made of pasteurized cow milk and has semi-hard nature. Due to its melting features, it can be used for toast and sandwiches pizza, macaroni and breakfast, either sliced or grated.

Labne Cheese (Fresh Spread Cheese)

Pinar     370g.
Out of stock
Pinar Labne is a variety of fresh cheese. Produced under hygienic conditions and full-automatically, "Pinar Labne" has special taste, somewhat similar to that of yoghurt and can be easily spread on slice of bread as well as can be used when preparing cake, cheesecake, cookies, pastry and tiramisu and various delicatessen and mayonnaise. "Pinar Labne" adds taste to dishes because it is made of Pinar Milk, which we collect under healthy conditions and process carefully, with its proven quality, and for the taste thereof we are sure, in order to enable you to get maximum of your recipes, and has the most correct taste, that means it is not much aromatic. The product is most commonly used for the desert tiramisu, but it can be used also for tomato soup, macaroni, baked potato varieties, salad dressings, and potato and eggplant salads. Although it adds taste to recipe, when eaten alone, "Pinar Labne" is a very useful cheese for babies and children due to its high calcium content. Particularly growing babies get calcium they need in the healthiest way. Either mix it into baby food or spread on pieces of bread for your children. "Pinar Labne" is a non-salty product, thus constitutes a perfect food for babies and those who care for healthy nutrition.

Sheep's White Cheese (Feta)

Yayla     500g
$11.99 $12.99
Full Fat Sheep's Milk White Cheese (55%)

Traditional White Cheese (Feta)

Pinar     1kg.
Out of stock
Full Fat Cow's Milk White Cheese (55%)

Triangular Cheese (8 pcs)

Pinar     120g.
Simit's best friend. Unforgettable for anyone who lived in Turkey.

White Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Pinar     800g.
Out of stock
Matured within brine during production phase and offered for sale within brine in 800 g practical plastic package, "Pinar Salamura Beyaz Peynir" offers easy use and storage thanks to the cup with transparent cover.