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Stuffed Deluxe

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Saksuka (Baked Eggplant w/ Tomato & Garlic Sauce)

Stuffed Deluxe     12oz.
ALL NATURAL & TRADITIONAL NO PRESERVATIVES NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR COLORS If you love anything with eggplant, you'll be sure to enjoy this flavorful Turkish appetizer, or 'meze,' called 'Saksuka' (shahk-SHOO-kah). 'Saksuka' is a vegetarian medley of chunks of eggplant, seasonal vegetables like zucchini squash, green and red peppers, onions, garlic and sometimes potato that are fried in olive oil and mixed with tomato sauce to make a thick, spreadable mixture. Before serving, 'saksuka' is topped with generous amounts of creamy, whipped, plain yogurt seasoned with garlic. It's a versatile dish you can make all year round with any vegetables that are in season, as long as the main ingredient remains eggplant. 'Saksuka' is delicious as a starter or side dish with grilled meats, and also makes a great topping for grilled hamburgers and chicken breast. It even works as a spread for melba toast or crackers. You can make 'Saksuka' as mild or as spicy as you like. Simply substitute sweet peppers with hot pepper varieties and add some hot pepper paste or hot pepper flakes to the tomato sauce before mixing it with the vegetables.