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Cracked Green Olives (Memecik Region)

Taris     485g.
Harvesting at the right time, carefully selected clean and well done olives are produced in source water till they become edible by using natural method . Tariş brings to you the traditional "Cracked" style that you're used to. Delightfully aromatic with coriander and lemon, "Cracked Olives in Brine" in 500 cc jars will be the indispensable item of your breakfasts and salads.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Max. 0.8%)

Kirlangic     750ml.
Produced from high quality Aegean olives. First Cold Pressed. Best use with salads.

Green Olive Paste

Taris     350g.
Green Olive Paste is obtained through blending with olive oil, various spices and salt of the purée made from clean and whole green olives diligently selected and harvested in the appropriate harvest period, freed from their bitterness and prepared with special methods. You can enjoy this delicacy in 370 cc jars along with your breakfast or as appetizers.