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Vintage Foods

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Natural Honey Comb

Vintage Foods     1lb.
This all natural honey comb comes in a wood frame and we will portion it accordingly.

Natural Honey Comb in Frame

Vintage Foods     7lb.
This is a natural product that does not need any human intervention for it creation. Known since antiquity, rich in precious metals, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and other essential components of our daily diet and absorbed easily by the body, offering an energy source for athletes, children and those who live an intense daily lifestyle. Honey is a product consumed and loved by thousands of people around the world as a natural sweetener and continues to be consumed and loved by modern cultures that acknowledge this product as it remains unchanged over time and offers health, beauty and well being to the human body.

Premium Bulgarian Feta Cheese

Bulgara     800g.
Exclusive Breakfast Style Bulgarian Feta Cheese in Brine (60% Fat) in Easy Open Can

Pure Flower Honey

Cheshni     480g.
$2.49 $3.99

Traditional Pure Honey w/Nuts

Vintage     16oz.
All Natural Energy Boost Honey w/ Nuts.