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Anchovie Fillets (Hamsi) - * Frozen Item

SuperFresh- 800g.
Product Description
Suggested States for Fedex Ground Delivery:
IL-IN-MI-WI-IA. Will be shipped w/ice packs. Faster delivery options are required for the other states.(Especially for hot summer days, no more than 1 day delivery).
Otherwise, bestturkishfood.com will not be responsible for any damages that occurs.

Carefully chosen, delicious Black Sea Anchovy is cleaned, frozen and packed without loosing its nutritive value. It is ready for your use in several meals.

It is your choice to cook different meals with cleaned and ready to use anchovy. You can take the Omega-3 you need with anchovy. It is known that Omega 3 is very useful for kids' growing and development, for heart health and decreasing depression effects.

You can thaw Frozen Anchovy by waiting it in a filter or putting it under water. Do not thaw the product in its pack and do not re-freeze once product is thawed.

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