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Camsakizi 240g.
Now, PINE RESIN, which is looked for all around the world is living the justified pride of your continuous pleasure. How can you apply PINE RESIN Super Burnt Sugar without using a piece of cloth? After letting wait the PINE RESIN jar in hot water 15 minutes pour some amount on the marble stone in your kitchen. Lift it with two of your fingers and stick the burnt sugar which you sretched like a gum onto the place where you will apply and pull it fast and repeat it as times as you want. You can put the PINE RESIN jar on the radiator and let it become soft and apply then in the winter. In summer using the PINE RESIN is very practical. While you are sun bathing at teh seaside let the PINE RESIN jar sun bathe also. You can take PINE RESIN jar and use it which is ready to be used after sun bat hing now, and have a glittering skin without any difficult. Pay attenttion to the ladies having a smooth skin around and ask them, certainly they will tel you without any hesitation and with pleasure that they have these skins because of PINE RESIN .
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