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Payment Methods

Accepted Credit Cards (Preferred Method)
We ask that all orders be placed online via credit card payment. From the shopping cart, you have the option to check out using our secure server or PayPal. We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Prepaid Credit Cards
Most prepaid credit cards are accepted. Please note that credit card companies have differing policies for how long authorizations are held. Please contact your credit card company with any questions.

PayPal Payments
As an added level of security for our customers, we accept PayPal payments. A major credit card is still required to complete the transaction as we do not accept gift cards, store cards, or account credits from either of these services. To pay for your order using one of these services, login to your PayPal account during checkout and then select the major credit card registered with your account.

Official PayPal Seal

Wire Transfers
We accept payments by wire transfer for orders totaling over $500. For more information, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you!

Check Payments
We accept check payments for your order. But please note: once we receive the check there will be a five business day waiting period prior to processing your order as your check clears. To expedite the waiting period, you may send a certified check for payment. We can begin processing your order as soon as a certified check is received. If you are interested in paying by check, all you need to do is continue through the checkout process and click on "Alternate Payment" located in the "Credit Card Information" box on the Review Order page during checkout. This will provide you with our account information to transfer the funds for the order and also get the order placed. You can contact us after the order is placed if you'd like to mail a payment or complete a wire transfer. Please note, the order will be on hold until funds are received.

All of our pricing is listed in US dollars ($). When ordering outside of the United States, the funds are converted to the local currency of the ordering country on your credit card statement. Since we only charge items as they are shipped, the rate of exchange is locked in at the time your order is shipped, and not when the order is placed. Additionally, credit card companies may charge a currency conversion fee. Please contact your bank for further details.