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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed, Rich Flavor)

Saray 3.80l.(1 gal)
This first cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil is a real fruit juice with a blurry, yellow green color since its is unfiltered. Recommended for use in salads, dipping, special dishes and marinades. All Natural 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cholesterol Free Product Produced in Turkey
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for Serving Size 15ml: Calories: 120 Total Fat: 14gr Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 0mg Total Carbohydrate: 0gr Protein: 0gr

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for Serving Size 15ml: Calories: 120 Total Fat: 14gr Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 0mg Total Carbohydrate: 0gr Protein: 0gr

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Cokonat - Chocolate Coated Wafer Bar w/Hazelnut

Ulker     37g.
Irresistible double...Chocolate and Hazelnut. Years after years, the taste you always know.. Long story short: Nut, Nut, Nut Choconut!

Mediterranean Style Beef Tortellini (Manti) ***FROZEN***

Ohanyan's     1lb.
Ohanyan’s Manti is an ancient central Asian cuisine that is enjoyed by many cultures throughout the Mediterranean & Central Asia. It is a dumpling stuffed w/ seasoned beef, similar to Italian tortellini. The blend of spices & meat makes Manti a savory pasta dish. In modern Turkish cuisine, Manti is typically served topped with yoghurt and garlic, and spiced with red pepper powder and melted butter, and topped with ground sumac and/or dried mint by the consumer.

Premium Turkish Antep Pistachios

Altin Fistik     1lb.
If you still haven't tasted Antep pistachios, you don't know the real taste of pistachios. They are slightly smaller than other pistachios with full delicious nutty flavor and great crunch. Each serving is packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals.

Dried Beef Sausage (Hot)

Ohanyan's     ~1.15lb.
Beef Soujouk (Mild) Delicious Fried with eggs. Excellent as Hors D'oeuvres. Perfect for sandwiches. Bar-B-Q with Melted Cheese. Great Pizza Topping. Ohanyan's dried beef sausage is made from savory Mediterranean spices. It is uniquely distinguishable from many of the competitor’s products. Ohanyan’s Soujouk is manufactured from select quality beef and characterized by a spicy bold and well-seasoned taste. Available in two forms—mild or hot & spicy.

Mild Soujouk

Apikoglu     1lb.
If you’ve spent any time in Turkey, the Balkans, the Middle East or Central Asia, you know that Soujouk is a wonderfully spicy dry sausage! Alternatively known as sucuk or sudžuk, soujouk is eaten in many of these regions from breakfast through dinner. While it is traditional in some regions to eat this dense, chewy, flavorful sausage as an appetizer or in a sandwich - once the casing is removed - Turkish-style soujouk really shines when cooked! The secret to the goodness of our mild sausage is the quality of beef and our signature seasonings, which include garlic and hot red pepper. Remove the casing, pan sear our sausage sliced – no need to add butter or oil – and the culinary possibilities for our Mild Halal Soujouk will inspire you! Top with fried eggs or add to an egg scramble or frittata. Use as a topping on homemade pizza or flatbread instead of pepperoni or chorizo. Serve in a flatbread, lavash bread or on a hot dog roll, with your favorite condiments, and you will be in sausage heaven! Classically enjoyed with sauerkraut or with braised white cabbage and a side of mashed potatoes, soujouk is also the key ingredient in “kuru fasulye”, the unofficial national stew of Turkey.