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Baklava w/ Antep pistachios (8pc)

Cihan     12oz.
All Natural Ingredients No Artificial Flavors No Additives. Hand Made. Ready to eat. Antepli Baklava is a New York / Brooklyn based company that aims making high quality baklava in the US baklava market. What makes Antepli different is the ingredients. Specially ordered from the land of Baklava, Gaziantep, natural and special ingredients makes huge difference. No preservatives or any other additives used in Antepli Baklava.

Baklava w/ Walnuts (8 pc)

Cihan Tatli     12oz
Turkish Sweet Pastry w/ walnuts. No Artificial Flavors. No Additives Hand Made.

Pistachio Rolls - Dolama Baklava (~7-8pc)

Cihan     8oz.
Unlike the pistachio baklavas, this kind has more a lot more Antep pistachios filled in the paper thin layers of hand-made fillo dough. Basically the best taste of Baklava which belongs to only Antep region in Turkey. 8 oz includes approximately 7-8 pistachio rolls.

Rolled Kadaifi w/ Pistachios (Burma Kadayif)

Cihan Tatli     12 oz.
All Natural Ingredients. No Artificial Flavors. No Additives. Hand Made. Ready to eat. 4 pc approximately 12oz.