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Baklava & More

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Baklava w/ Pistachios

Nave     600g.
All Natural 100% hand-made baklava. No Glucose syrup, made with real sugar. Kept frozen.Ready to eat. Pistachio Rich.

Kunefe (Kadayif w/ Cheese) 3 pc

Seyidoglu     399g.
Out of stock
3x133g ready to bake Kunefe. Sherbet needs to be added after baking. Kunefe pan is not included. Produced by Seyidoglu, sold under Ipek brand in America.

Baklava w/ Antep pistachios (9pc)

Cihan Tatli     14oz.
World famous Turkish Baklava with all Natural Ingredients. No Artificial Flavors and No Additives. Hand Made. Ready to eat.

Rolled Kadaifi w/ Pistachios (Burma Kadayif)

Floria     12oz
All Natural Ingredients. No Artificial Flavors. No Additives. Hand Made. Ready to eat. 4 pc approximately 12oz.

Pistachio Rolls - Dolama Baklava (~10pc)

Turkitch     12oz.
Out of stock
Unlike the pistachio baklavas, this kind has more a lot more Antep pistachios filled in the paper thin layers of hand-made fillo dough. Basically the best taste of Baklava which belongs to only Antep region in Turkey. 8 oz includes approximately 7-8 pistachio rolls.

Gourmet Havuc Baklava with Pistachios (2 pc)

Seyidoglu     10oz.
Out of stock
All Natural hand-made baklava produced by Seyidoglu, under Ipek brand in America. Kept frozen for freshness. 2 large pieces weigh around 0.7lb.

Kadayif w/ Pistachios

Ipek     1lb.
All Natural hand-made kataifi produced by Seyidoglu, under Ipek brand in America. Kept frozen for freshness.

Rolled Kadayif w/ Pistachios (Tray)

Floria     6lb
All Natural hand-made rolled kataifi filled with world famous Antep Pistachios. Kept frozen for freshness.

Assorted Turkish Baklava

Ipek     1lb.
All natural hand-made assorted baklava. Package includes 4 pistachio baklava, 4 walnut baklava and a slice of pistachio kadayif. Kept Frozen. Produced by Seyidoglu under Ipek brand.

Traditional Lokma Dessert (~32pcs)

Sultan     500g
Lokma is a Turkish fried sweet dough that is covered in a simple syrup. Served as a dessert, lokma is a popular coffee accompaniment. You can add chocolate sauce, honey, cinnamon, sesame or grated walnuts to these bite-size pastries. This tasty treat is especially popular in Western Turkey. Many native Turks take large pots of Lokma to special occasions; some bring the ingredients with them and bake a batch on the premises.

Traditional Tulumba Dessert (~22pcs)

Sultan     500g
Tulumba is a crispy, syrupy, and ultra-sweet Turkish dessert. It is a popular street food prepared by vendors who fry it up fresh on the spot and serve it warm. You’ll also find it served in many restaurants and home cooks like to make it because kids love it. Tulumba is made of bits of fried dough, similar to doughnuts, steeped in lots of lemony syrup. The dough contains starch and semolina, which keeps it light and crispy.


Kral     400g
Out of stock
Güllaç is a Turkish dessert made with milk, pomegranate and a special kind of pastry sheets. Walnuts, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts can be used in between the sheets. Since it is so lite and easy to digest, it is consumed especially during Ramadan. The taste is very refreshing and tasty.

Kemalpasa Cheese Dessert

Irem     140g
Kemal Pasha dessert (Turkish: Kemalpaşa tatlısı) is a dish that is very similar to gulab jamun. It originates from the district of Kemalpaşa, Bursa, in Turkey. Traditionally it is made using a cheese variety that is particular to the region. The dessert is prepared from a dough of flour, unsalted cheese, semolina, egg, water and baking powder. The dough is formed into small balls that are fried and then boiled in syrup. It can be eaten fresh or dried. In dried form it is often packaged in boxes of 24-50 portions. It is served with cream in winter and with ice cream in summer.

Sekerpare w/ Hazelnuts (15 pcs)

Ege     250g.
Şekerpare is one of the popular desserts in the Turkish cuisine. Mainly prepared by baking some soft balls of almond based pastry dipped in thick lemon-flavored sugar syrup, şekerpare is pronounced “sheh-ker-pah-reh” in Turkish.

Baked Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Ege     200g.

Dried Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Alkis     500g.
Place 500gr. Tel Kadayif into a baking tray. Add butter slices on top of it. Add sherbet which has been prepared before. It can be used for Kadayif as well as for Kunefe.