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Dried Mint (Nane)

Arifoglu     70g.
Mint, or 'nane' (NAH'-​neh), is used fresh and dried in many salad recipes as well as with meat, poultry, and fish. It's also an important ingredient in 'Ezogelin' (ez-oh-gel-EEN') soup and popular as a garnish to sprinkle on 'MANTI' (mahn-TUH'), a classic Turkish dumpling similar to miniature ravioli.

Fenugreek Powder (Cemen)

Basak     40g.
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Oregano Flakes

Arifoglu     60g.
All natural oregano flakes. No additives or enhancers added. No MSGs.

Turkish Pine Nuts (Cam Fistigi)

Arifoglu     50g.
Essential for traditional Turkish dish "Dolma" 100% Turkish Pinenuts. Pinenut is a nut which is obtained by breaking the hard shells extracted from the cones of pine tree and has a high nutritional value. Growing from all Mediterranean countries, this tree is a large pine type which can be sized up to 20 m in an umbrella view. Cone production begins after the age of 20 years.

Urfa Red Pepper Flakes (Isot)

Basak     70g.
Also known as Isot pepper, this wonderful crushed chile from the Turkish town of Urfa is similar to Aleppo. Though Urfa chiles are called “red”, they actually are purplish black in color. These premium peppers are picked and cut, dried in the sun by day, then wrapped and sweated at night for more than a week. This sweating process gives the chiles a rich, earthy flavor and smoky aroma. A sweating process gives Urfa chiles a rich, earthy flavor and smoky aroma. Urfa peppers are a 3-4 on a heat scale of 1-10. The heat develops slowly and has more bite than Aleppo crushed red peppers. Try sprinkling over salad, pasta, pilaf, pizza and more. If you enjoy Aleppo chiles we think you will love these as well.

Wheat Starch

Piyale     200g.