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Natural Flower Honey w/ Comb

Cheshni 450g
Pure Natural Bee Honey. Product of Turkey
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Mediterranean Style Beef Tortellini (Manti)

Ohanyan's     1lb.
Ohanyan’s Manti is an ancient central Asian cuisine that is enjoyed by many cultures throughout the Mediterranean & Central Asia. It is a dumpling stuffed w/ seasoned beef, similar to Italian tortellini. The blend of spices & meat makes Manti a savory pasta dish. In modern Turkish cuisine, Manti is typically served topped with yoghurt and garlic, and spiced with red pepper powder and melted butter, and topped with ground sumac and/or dried mint by the consumer.

Hatay Cracked Green Olives

Ikram     1lb.
Olive, which is the sacred fruit of olive tree originating from Eastern Mediterranean region and Antakya, is nourished with the moist breezes from Mediterranean Sea and the fertile soils in on the sides of Hatay, and is oiled with the plenteous rains in October. When harvest season arrives in November, which are completely indigenous, are pick up one by one without damaging the tree or its branches, and then crushed and skimmed off also with traditional methods.

Milk Chocolate w/ Whole Pistachios

Ulker     70g.
Ulker's Classic Chocolate with double pistachios.

Dried Beef Sausage (Hot)

Ohanyan's     ~1.15lb.
Beef Soujouk (Mild) Delicious Fried with eggs. Excellent as Hors D'oeuvres. Perfect for sandwiches. Bar-B-Q with Melted Cheese. Great Pizza Topping. Ohanyan's dried beef sausage is made from savory Mediterranean spices. It is uniquely distinguishable from many of the competitor’s products. Ohanyan’s Soujouk is manufactured from select quality beef and characterized by a spicy bold and well-seasoned taste. Available in two forms—mild or hot & spicy.

Damak Milk Chocolate w/ Pistachios

Nestle     65g.
Experience the unique pleasure of indulgent chocolate and renowned Turkish pistachios in perfect harmony. A TURKISH TREASURE SINCE 1933, NESTLÉ® Damak™ has been an iconic delight in the land renowned for producing the world's finest pistachios. Today, you can discover and enjoy the legendary love of chocolate and pistachio for yourself as this rare delight arrives in America.