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Sun Dried Eggplants for Stuffing (~50pcs)

Cheshni ~50pc
All Natural sun-dried eggplants for stuffing from Gaziantep region in Turkey. Approximately 50 pieces inside the package. The dried eggplants refer to the eggplant fruit whose skin has been dried, after removing the flesh. This process takes place at the end of the season, when the flesh of the plant is scooped out, covered with coarse salt for some hours and then the remaining part are hanged to dry on string is a cool and sunless dry place. At the end of the dehydration process, the dried eggplants wrinkle and darken their color. This preservation method has a really ancient background and it is mostly applied on dark purple eggplants, which preserve their nutrients best while drying them. The same procedure is applied in some culinary cultures to peppers. For keeping the dried eggplants, tightly closed boxes and kitchen jars are used, which are placed out of direct sun and heat. The dried eggplants are mostly used in the Middle Eastern cuisine and they are the bases for the traditional and famous dolma. Dolma meal is prepared with dried eggplants and dried peppers, rice, various nuts and spices.
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