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Crushed Red Pepper (Maras Pepper)

Saray 5lb.
Maras chiles, pronounced "mah-RAHSH", are native to Southeastern Turkey and the chile was originally named after Maras, a small town in the region (now known as Kahramanmaras), located in the south-central region of Turkey near the Syrian border. While Middle Eastern cuisine continues to gain in popularity in the US, Turkish cuisine remains at worse relatively unknown and at best under appreciated. Also known as Maras pepper, Maras biberi (may also be spelled biber) or Turkish red pepper. Alternative spelling is Marash. The words “biberi” and "biber” means chile pepper. It is locally known as Kahramanmaraş Aci Biberi. Maras chiles are typically only found crushed and unlike most of chile flakes you may be most familiar with, are not completely dry. But if you’re searching for authentic Turkish flavor you’ll absolutely love our Maras Pepper. Like its close chile cousins Urfa Biber (another Turkish grown chile) and Aleppo chile peppers (from pre-war torn Syria), Maras biber is known for its rich, complex and oily texture.
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