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Pacanga (Pastirma) Borek (6 pcs)

BTF Exclusive     12 oz.
Out of stock
Traditional pacanga borek already prepared and kept frozen for freshness. It is ready to consume. Börek recipes (pastries) are very popular in Turkish cuisine and paçanga böreği is much loved because of its filling – pastırma. Pastırma is salted, aged, air-dried beef that is coated with a cumin-based paste called çemen and, although there are many different types of pastırma, the central Anatolian city of Kayseri, near Cappadocia, is the place most associated with this beef.

Turkish Cheese Pastry in Tray (Su Boregi)

Cihan Borek     7.7 lb.
Out of stock
Traditional Turkish delicacy with no additives, no preservatives. All Natural . Ready to eat. It is cooked and frozen for freshness. Heat at 365F in a conventional oven for 15 minutes. Consume in 12 hours.