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Feta Cheese for Pastries (Boreklik)

Doyum 800g.
Skimmed Milk Feta Cheese for traditional Borek's. No need to buy full fat breakfast cheeses for this purpose anymore.
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Pasteruized Cow's Milk, palm oil (24%), salt, rennet, lactic acid.

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Tasty and creamy
It’s a affordable and great cheese
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Suggested States for UPS Ground Delivery:   IL-IN-MI-WI-IA-OH-MO. Will be shipped w/ice packs. Faster delivery options are required for the other states.(1-2 day delivery).  Otherwise, will not be responsible for any damages that occurs.    


Pasteruized Cow's Milk, palm oil (24%), salt, rennet, lactic acid.

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It is a very valuable and nutritious semi-finished foodstuff that only composes of water and wheat and that is obtained by cleaning, boiling, drying the wheat and grinding it in different kinds of mills after removing its peel and classifying it according to grain sizes. Grain group is an important and economical carbohydrate source that is located at the bottom of the nutrition pyramid. Cracked wheat is a valuable foodstuff that belongs to the grain group. In order to understand the cracked wheat well, its main raw material wheat should firstly be understood. Wheat composes of 3 sections, which are core, bran and endosperm. Most of the nutritional components are found in the core and bran sections. Endosperm is the section that gives energy with its starch and small amount of protein. The core and bran of the wheat contain minerals such as zinc, magnesium and chrome; diet sediment, some phenols, phytates and selenium as well as all B vitamins except B12. THE DIFFERENCE OF BULGUR Generally in products made of wheat, micronutrients in core and bran sections are separated during wheat processing and the only section that reaches to us is the one that gives energy just like white bread. However, bulgur can exactly be defined as full grain because wheat is not grinded during the bulgur production and a product, in which protein, vitamin, mineral, and diet sediment amount is higher, is obtained. Furthermore, bulgur can be considered as healthier among similar foodstuff, as its glycemic index is lower than macaroni and rice. Briefly, bulgur is a very valuable foodstuff that is rich in terms of sediment and fibers, has low carbohydrate values and high protein values. BENEFITS OF BULGUR Containing very high amount of fibers, bulgur is very important for intestinal activities. Furthermore, cracked wheat has a significant role in weight control, as it has a filling feature. According to World Health Organization, our daily fiber need is around 25-30 gr. We can easily cover this need by having one serving of bulgur. B1 vitamins it contains play a significant role in strengthening our nervous and digestive systems. Moreover, this vitamin should regularly be consumed in order to prevent beriberi disease. Additionally, bulgur is extremely necessary to improve the intelligence level of the babies of pregnant women, as it also contains folic acid. Bulgur makes you feel full for a long time and is a product that can be used in diets for its glycemic index is low and it slowly flows into blood. It is also recommended for diabetic patients. Moreover, it offers a variety, as it can be used in many meals such as salads, hot and cold meals.

Semi Baked Turkish Bagel (Simit) 5 pk

Floria     5x100g.
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Green Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Dogadan     40g.
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Aged Kashkaval Cheese

Bahcivan     350g.
It is produced using pasteurized cow and sheep milk. Matured Kashkaval cheese comprises 70% sheep’s milk and 30% cow’s milk. Matured kashkaval cheese is produced at the highest quality standards and is packed after being left to mature in the cold storage for 5-6 days. Produced in large round moulds, matured kashkaval cheese is cut up before being packed.

Handmade Triangle Pastry Leaves (Yufka - 28pc)

Omur     400g.
Turkish yufka is the light thin pastry dough widely used in Turkish, Greek, Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisine. With roots in Ottoman Era Turkey, yufka is the traditional dough for böreks (bureks or bourekas), large spiral family-sized pies or smaller triangular and cigar-shaped pastries filled with savory or sweet preparations. Yufka is also the required dough for the classic honey and chopped nut-based dessert, baklava and its sister bülbül yuvasi (Turkish Nightingale's Nest). At Ömür, our Square Yufka Pastry Leaves are made by hand, a true rarity, using a classic Turkish recipe. If you’re making savory böreks, the traditional fillings are spinach, spinach and cheese or potato. Yufka is a bit thicker than traditional phyllo and a bit thinner than a tortilla. As such, it makes a perfect base for flatbreads, pizzas and flat savory pies. In Turkey, the mouthwatering traditional breakfast and street food staple, gözleme, is made with yufka. The Turkish equivalent to a quesadilla, gözlemes are often topped with combinations of ground beef, spinach, cheese, potato and fresh herbs – and then folded over and grilled in a griddle pan. Ömür Square Yufka Pastry Leaves contain no preservatives and because our pastry leaves are very low in fat and cholesterol free, they are a healthier alternative to puff pastry.