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Kemalpasa Sweet (Baked)

Ege     140g.
This is a cheese dessert which is famous for Kemalpasa, a district in Bursa although it’s produced and marketed in some regions. It is known as Kemalpasa Dessert. the most striking characteristic of the dessert is that it is produced from milk and cheese special to the region. It is a dry dessert which is produced according to its special technique from the paste molded with flour, daily fresh unsalted cheese, semolina, egg, water and baking power. Kemalpasa dessert can be held on the shelf for a year if it is protected under unhumid conditions between 20-25 C away from direct sun rays as wrapped. The dry desserts sorbeten later are wrapped as packages consisting of 24 - 50 pellets and marketed. On the wrap the recipe and info about the dessert exist. It is known all over the Turkey and eaten with relish.It is made by frying the paste prepared with flour,semolina,unsalted cheese,egg,water and baking powder after shaped out. The double baked dessert bides for 6- 12 months but local people prefer to consume soft single baked dessert. After boiled up in sorbet it is served with cream in winter and with ice cream in summer. The characteristic of the dessert is that it is produced from cheese made of the milk coming from the cows fed in Mustafakemalpasa district.