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Authentic Greek Feta Cheese

Horio     400g.
Horio feta cheese is popular for its full-bodied and rich flavor and for its excellent quality. It is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product, which is produced in Episkopiko in Ioannina and was awarded the International Superior Taste Award in 2011. For all of us who love Feta cheese, Horio brings this properly matured feta cheese to our daily lives with respect to our nutritional and tasting needs. We can enjoy it as a delicate cheese or as an ingredient in a variety of tasteful recipes.

Authentic Syrian Cheese (Taze Koy Peyniri)

Ziyad     ~1lb.
This village style fresh white cheese doesn't have any additives or preservatives and purely made from fresh milk. A must-have for a traditional Turkish breakfast feast.

Bulgarian White Cheese

Krinos     900g.
Bulgarian white cheese is a feta variation known in Bulgaria, Macedonia and other Balkan countries as “Sirene”. Made from sheep’s milk, Sirene is a tad saltier than Greek feta and has a creamier texture, with a hint of yogurt overtones. Bulgarian white cheese is often used in traditional pastry dishes such as Banitsa (Tiropita) and Shopska salad (similar to Greek salad)