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Green Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Dogadan 40g.
A healthy choice with its unique aroma, greenish yellow color and pure taste. Green tea, which became very popular in Europe and North America, recently, has rich antioxidants. Green tea is a health and delicious choice with its natural green color, delicious pure taste and nice aroma. The difference between green tea and black tea: Green tea is obtained from the same plant with black tea: Camellia sinensis. The difference is the processing technique. Green tea leaves are processes less than the black tea leaves. The leaves of the green tea preserve their fresh green color. While black tea is subject to oxidation and decomposition green tea is warmed with vapor to denaturize the enzymes and provide protection against decrease of effective polyphenolic (antioxidant) substances. PREPARATION OF GREEN TEA: The quality of the water is very important when preparing green tea. Fresh boiled water is poured into the cup holding the teabag. Hot water is important in transmission of the antioxidants into the water. Allow to brew for almost 3 minutes. Antioxidants start to appear in hot water at the 2nd minute. It may be sweetened after the teabag is removed. Traditionally, green tea is drunk without any additions. The studies show that there is no difference in terms of beneficial components when sugar, sweetener, lemon or milk is added.
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Koska     45g.
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Gemlik Black Olives XS

Marmara Birlik     500g.
A Gemlik olive, or Tirilye olive is variety from the Gemlik region of northern Turkey. Gemlik olives called the following names as Tirilye, Curly, wrapping paper and black. They are small to medium-sized black olives with a high oil content. This type of olive is very common in Turkey and is sold as a breakfast olive in the cured formats of either Yagli Sele, Salamura or Duble; though there are other less common curing. The sign of a traditionally cured Gemlik olive is that the flesh comes away from the pip easily. 321-350 pcs/kg

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Nestle     18g.
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Ulker     180g.
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Sour Cherry Nectar

Tamek     1l.
Juice content min 35%. Sour Cherry, especially rich in Vitamin A, is effective in the regular functioning of the body. The "anthocyanin" in its content, which gives a red colour to the fruit, has cell renewal and antioxidant properties. Sour Cherry, which helps to decrease the risk of many diseases extending from heart and vein diseases to cancer, takes effect on issues such as weight balance. According to the Turkish Food Codex, Tamek Sour Cherry Nectar does not contain preservatives and artificial colouring materials; it is completely protected by natural means and packed in sterile conditions and takes place in your meals.