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Aegean Pine Honey (Squeeze bottle)

Balparmak     350g.
95 percent of the world’s pine honey production happens in Turkey’s Aegean region. The honeys used in Balparmak Strained Pine Honey are produced predominantly in Yerkesik and Marmaris, and are carefully blended with expert assurance and matchless quality.

Premium Wild Flora and Mountain Honey (Squeeze bottle)

Atiki     470g.
Attiki Honey comes from a variety of wildflower, herbs, forest, and thyme harvested in the forests of Greece directly from beehive. Its unique taste is the result of a careful selection process involving the best honey varieties from all of Greece (Attica, Crete, the Peloponnese, Macedonia, the islands of the Aegean and Ionian Seas). The secret lies in the fact that the beekeepers gather the honey, a team of tasters selects and classifies the best varieties from Greece, and Quality Control tests every single drop. High in nutritional value, this honey is pure and natural, just like the honey found in honeycomb. It includes various key compounds such as carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids and minerals, all of which are an essential part of an everyday diet. Over the years, Attiki Honey has won an impressive number of awards for its top quality and unsurpassed taste and aroma.

Traditional Pure Honey w/Nuts

Cheshni     16oz.
All Natural Energy Boost Honey w/ Nuts.

Flower Honey

Cheshni     280g.

Natural Pine Honey

Cheshni     480g.

Natural Flower Honey w/ Honeycomb

Cheshni     450g
Pure Natural Bee Honey. Product of Turkey