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Kasseri (Kashkaval) Cheese

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Aged Kashkaval Cheese

Bahcivan     350g.
It is produced using pasteurized cow and sheep milk. Matured Kashkaval cheese comprises 70% sheep’s milk and 30% cow’s milk. Matured kashkaval cheese is produced at the highest quality standards and is packed after being left to mature in the cold storage for 5-6 days. Produced in large round moulds, matured kashkaval cheese is cut up before being packed.

Aged Kashkaval Cheese

Sutas     350g.
Sütaş Aged Kashkaval cheese gets its characteristic taste and perfect texture after being allowed to age for months. Indispensable for cheese gourmets: It’s with you at breakfast, on cheese plates, at different times of the day.

Exclusive Greek Kasseri Cheese (Saganaki Cheese)

Matis     ~1kg (2.20 lb)
Exclusive Kasseri Cheese. Product of Greece. Moisture 46% Kasseri is an outstanding table cheese. It is creamy gold in color and resilient in texture. It has a mild, buttery taste with a hint of olive flavor. This cheese is waxy when refrigerated and it becomes oily when it reaches room temperature. Due to it's high melting point, Kasseri remains solid when heated and it is usually grilled or fried in olive oil. It is delicious plain or sauted as in the Greek dish "Saganaki".

Ezine Aged Kashkaval Cheese

Tahsildaroglu     350g.
Exclusive Ezine Kashkaval Cheese Aged Over 90 Days.

Fresh Kashkaval Cheese

Sutas     700g.
Out of stock
Sütaş Fresh Kashkaval can be consumed with pleasure at every meal, and helps you create wonderful delicacies with pasta, salads, soups and oven dishes. It’s stretchy and allows you to offer tastes becoming fun in toasts.

Fresh Kashkaval Cheese

Pinar     400g.
It is a natural cheese variety made of pasteurized cow milk and has semi-hard nature. Due to its melting features, it can be used for toast and sandwiches pizza, macaroni and breakfast, either sliced or grated.

Full Fat Kashkaval Cheese

Teksut     400g.
TekSüt Kashkaval Cheese takes its unique taste from the excellent savor of pasteurized fresh cow milk. Suiting perfectly to breakfast and other meals with its soft cheese taste when served in slices, TekSüt Kashkaval Cheese will be the reason for everybody at home to wake up early thanks to its soft texture and tempting smell when heated. It is available in portions suitable for all preferences.

Kashkaval Cheese

Tahsildaroglu     500g.
Out of stock
First Quality Kashkaval Cheese

Classic Kashkaval Cheese

Bahcivan     500g
It is produced using pasteurized cow’s milk. In order to produce 1 kg of quality Kashkaval Cheese an average of 11-12 kg of milk is used.