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Baked Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Ege     200g.

Baked Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Ege     400g.

Dried Dough Strings (Kadayif)

Gazioglu     500g.
Place 500gr. Tel Kadayif into a baking tray. Add butter slices on top of it. Add sherbet which has been prepared before. It can be used for Kadayif as well as for Kunefe.

Homemade Tarhana Soup

Irem     500g.
Tarhana is a traditional, spicy Turkish soup common throughout Anatolia. It is also the name for the dry pulse made from a fermented mixture of plain yogurt, flour, and vegetables that are used as a base for the soup. It is a staple in many parts of Turkey. Tarhana soup is prepared by mixing the desired amount of crumbled tarhana with boiling water, milk, butter and spices and cooking it over a low flame.

Sekerpare w/ Hazelnuts (15 pcs)

Ege     250g.
Şekerpare is one of the popular desserts in the Turkish cuisine. Mainly prepared by baking some soft balls of almond based pastry dipped in thick lemon-flavored sugar syrup, şekerpare is pronounced “sheh-ker-pah-reh” in Turkish.

Sponge Cake Layers (Plain)

Gazioglu     280g.
Out of stock
You can use these delicious cake layers for making celebration cakes. 8-10 Servings.