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Hazelnut Wafers

Today     130g.
Tasty wafers with hazelnut cream from Elvan.

Apricot Preserve

Tunas     800g.
No additional preservatives and color agents added all fruit jam.

Halley - Sandwich w/ Milk Chocolate, and Black Mulberries (10 pack)

Ulker     300g.
Ulker Halley biscuits are one of the top-selling treats in the world! Tasty mulberry marmalade wedged between two vanilla biscuits and then dipped in chocolate with chocolate sprinkles!

Premium Vine Leaves

Altunsa     350g.
Premium Grape Leaves for stuffing. All Natural Tender Leaves. No additives. No preservatives.

Traditional Flour Cookie Mix

Dr Oetker     415g.
Preparing Flour Cookies is very practical now! There is also powdered sugar inside the box to decorate the cookies. Dr. Oetker Flour Cookies can be prepared with butter only if desired. Trying different recipes in the package, it is in your hands to create indelible flavors!

Cocoa Hazelnut Spread

Gursoy     400g
A unique Cacao Hazelnut Cream, containing painstakingly selected materials, developed by Gursoy, one of the long-established and most experienced hazelnut producers in Turkey! Guaranteed to have you meet with a brand-new taste with its unique flavor, Gürsoy Cacao Hazelnut Cream will be a staple of your breakfast table. With its ingredients containing 15% hazelnut and free of palm oil, it is unashamedly ambitious!

Creamy Hazelnut Spread

Gursoy     400g
40% hazelnut containing Milk Hazelnut Cream is energy-packed and yet delicious! A combination of milk and hazelnut, nutritive and healthy spreadable hazelnut cream will be a staple of your breakfast, offering you an energetic start of the day.

Premium Antep Pistachios

Meray     340g.
World famous Antep pistachios come to your doorstep with Meray quality.

Tripe Soup

Knorr     63g.
Knorr chefs expertly prepared delicious soup varieties, on your tables with all your loved ones enjoy.

Cream Cheese

Pinar     160g
Pınar Cheese Spread is the healthy spreading cheese choice to give you that delicious, pick-me-up any time of the day. With a calcium content that is higher than milk, butter or yoghurt, this nutritious creamy spreading cheese was originally created by Pınar in Turkey. Its unique flavor comes from the special blend of cheeses used in the production process.

Mini Flat Bread w/ Spinach & Cheese (10pc)

PideMiss     10 x 40g
This half baked traditional Turkish pide contains 10 piece per box. Set your oven to 480 °F and wait until it reaches this temperature. Remove pita from its packaging and place on a wire rack or preferably hot tray. Cook for 5-6 minutes on the middle rack of the oven. You can add butter and eggs before cooking according to your preference.

Traditional Black Sea Tea (Tea Pot Bags)

Lipton     120 x 3.2g.
Tea leaves harvested from selected tea gardens are blended specially to fit Turkish taste of brewing and flavor. The fresh and delicious taste of Lipton Black Sea Tea presents the ideal brewing and pleasant fragrance for you to drink with the ones you love. 120 tea bags, 384g.

Home Style Noodles (Ev Eristesi)

Irem     500g
Homemade pasta produced from durum wheat.

Baby Biscuit

Ulker     4 x 200g
Baby Biscuits - Feeding Supplement for Babies and Infants Enriched with the vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy development of your child. Specially formulated to crumble in milk for spoon feeding. Tastes great too!

Large Cucumber Pickles

Tukas     1700g
Why are pickles healthy? Because pickling is the result of lactic acid fermentation which is caused by lactic acid bacterias found on the surface of fruits and vegetables. This lactic acid preserves the product along with it`s nutrients. It protects the vitamins and minerals that the product contains and prevents the development of sickness causing microorganisms.

Double Roasted Mini Pistachio Delight (Sugar Dusted)

Cheshni     454g.
Powdered sugar dusted classic Turkish Delight comes double roasted pistachios.

Grape Sausage w/ Walnut (Malban - Churchkhela)

Cheshni     100g.
Extracted and aligned on a rope and then listen to high quality walnut interiors will be immersed in grape molasses. It is rich in protein, fat, B vitamins, phosphorus, and potassium. It is affected as a blood enhancer and nutritive for brain cells. It reduces the kroner heart diseases and cancer risks. Perfect energy source. Churchkhela (also written churchkhella), is a traditional sausage-shaped candy originating from the Caucasus, mainly Georgia, and also common in Russia and Turkey. In Turkish it is called pestil cevizli sucuk, literally walnut sujuk because of its sausage shape. Churchkhela is made of walnuts sewn onto a string, dipped in thickened white grape juice and dried in the shape of a sausage. In Armenia, a popular substitute for churchkhela is fruit leather, called bastegh or t'tu lavash. These are thin roll-up sheets of sour plum puree, which explains why they are named the same as the sheets of the traditional Armenian bread lavash.

Crunchy Hazelnut Spread (70% Hazelnuts)

Gursoy     320g.
Forget everything you know about hazelnut spreads, here is the most delicious one in Turkey! Made with 70% hazelnuts and natural sugar beets, Gursoy Hazelnut Spread is one of a kind. Healthy and tasty alternative to every spread in the market. Especially for active sportsmen, kids and adults who needs additional energy.

Instant Salep (4pk)

Nestle     4x17g.
Turkey is the major Salep producing country. Salep is made from the dried powdered roots of a mountain orchid in the Eastern Mediterranean woods. It is a traditional Turkish hot drink which was also served during the reign of the Ottoman empire. The roots are rich in starch and the mixture thickens naturally. You should also try Vanilla ice cream with Salep... it has a great aroma and smells delicious:) We love to drink Salep on cold days. It also has medicinal traits, such as for sore throats. It has been used for a long time to treat chronic diarrhea, digesting problems and gum disease.

Milk Cream Spread (Kaymak)

Gaimar     8oz.
Traditional and delicious milk cream spread you have always missed. Kaymak is a creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream, made from the milk of water buffalos, cows, sheep, or goats in Central Asia, some Balkan countries, Turkic regions, Iran and Iraq. The traditional method of making kaymak is to boil the milk slowly, then simmer it for two hours over a very low heat.

Dried Mallow (Ebegumeci)

Dura     360g.
100% Natural Mallow is a plant that used in different foods as well as tea. Although it grows spontaneously in nature, it can be easily used as a soup, a salad form or a pot meal when cooked. It can also be consumed as an olive oil dish with different vegetables. In addition to food recipes, dried mallow can be used for healing purposes.

Tulum Cheese (Nomad's Cheese)

Gazi     440g.
GAZİ Tulum with 45% fat i.d.m. is also known as nomad's cheese. In the past, before there were refrigerators to keep it in, cheese was salted and stored in goat or sheep skins to preserve it better. In many regions of Turkey, nomad's cheese is still made and preserved in this special way. GAZi Tulum tastes as terrific as the original.

Triangle Delight w/ Crushed Pistachios (Pestil)

Keyifce     400g
Premium grape delight filled with Antep pistachios. Pestil, a Turkish word meaning dried fruit pulp, is best exemplified in the English term "fruit leather." Fruit leather is made from mechanically pulverizing fruit, then spreading it out to dry into a tough, yet flexible and edible material which can be kept preserved for several months in an airtight container.

Lerida Type Dried Turkish Figs

Figgy     500g.
This special figs are dried naturally without adding any preservatives. Produce of Turkey. The cultivated fig (Ficus carica) has always been a very popular fruit in Anatolia, the motherland of fig, and then the desire towards fig was spread out to the Mediterranean region, Europe, Arabia, and Persia throughout history. Turkey is the biggest dried fig producer with a share of approximately 70% of world production. The western side of Turkey is very eligible for production. Especially Izmir, Odemis, Tire, Aydin, Germencik, and Ortaklar are the main cultivation sites. There are two main groups, which are based on the size and formation, and four quality classes, which are extra, first, second and industrial class. Each formation style has a different name such as Natural, Lerida, Garland, Protoben, Pulled, Layer, and Baglama.

Hapiness 100% Olive Oil Soap

Taris     150g.
Tariş presents the brand-new product of the year enthusiastically. We named this special product 'Happiness' and prepared its package with the New Year concept and presented to you proudly. Tariş Happiness Soap is 100% natural and contains 100% olive oil! You will feel amazing with the nice scent of its essence and the feeling of pureness on your skin.

Organic Carob Molasses

Arifoglu     480g.
Obtained from first cold pressed organic Carobs. No added sugar. The "Pekmez" is a thick syrup made by boiling down grape juice made of grapes coming from the Aegean and the Marmara regions. It is mechanically packed without any manipulation. The slight crystallization that could occur in the "Pekmez" does not mean that the product has gone bad. It will be sufficient to keep the jar into hot water during a certain time and then stir the "pekmez" inside the jar.

Full Fat White Cheese (Sheep's Milk)

Teksut     ~1.5lb.
Unlike the classical white cheese, whole sheep cheese is produced from the milk of sheep and goat that is collected at certain times of the year. As the product of this rare milk, TekSüt Classical Sheep Cheese has a rare aroma and quality. Gaining a characterized taste as a result of its aging period, TekSüt Sheep Cheese is consumed with pleasure at breakfast and dinner tables.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (North Aegean)

Taris     1l.
First Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from North Aegean Regions. With a maximum acidity of 0.8%, this cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil is a real fruit juice with a clear, yellow green color. Recommended for use in salads, dipping, special dishes and marinades. OU Kosher Product

Exclusive Black Sea Tea

Lipton     500g.
Tea leaves harvested from selected tea gardens are blended specially to fit Turkish taste of brewing and flavor. The fresh and delicious taste of Lipton Black Sea Tea presents the ideal brewing and pleasant fragrance for you to drink with the ones you love.

Turkish Flat Bread w/ Three Cheese (3pc)

PideMiss     375g.
This half baked traditional Turkish pide contains 3 pieces per box. Set your oven to 480 °F and wait until it reaches this temperature. Remove pita from its packaging and place on a wire rack or preferably hot tray. Cook for 5-6 minutes on the middle rack of the oven. You can add butter and eggs before cooking according to your preference.

Hatay Cracked Green Olives

Ikram     1lb.
Olive, which is the sacred fruit of olive tree originating from Eastern Mediterranean region and Antakya, is nourished with the moist breezes from Mediterranean Sea and the fertile soils in on the sides of Hatay, and is oiled with the plenteous rains in October. When harvest season arrives in November, which are completely indigenous, are pick up one by one without damaging the tree or its branches, and then crushed and skimmed off also with traditional methods.

Eggplant Salad

Tukas     580g.
Turkish style roasted eggplant salad made is one of the favorite ways to use eggplant. It's traditionally eaten as a cold starter, or 'meze,' but it also works as an appetizer dip. Eggplant salad has only three main ingredients, but it's quite time-consuming to prepare. Tukas eggplant salad made with traditional ways without any other additional ingredients.

Roasted Red Pepper Flakes (Isot)

Arifoglu     150g.
Technically a red chile pepper, Urfa Biber matures to a bright red when it is then harvested and cured or dried for a week. The two step drying process is similar to that of top grade vanilla beans as during the day they are laid out to be sun dried and at night they are wrapped tightly. This process is commonly known as “sweating” and it infuses the remaining moisture of the chile with chile’s flesh. The resulting color is a dark blackish-purple. The flavor profile of the Urfa Chile is well rounded and complex with a smoky earthy edge and undertones of coffee, chocolate, tobacco and raisins. The flavor and heat is similar to the region’s other star chile the Aleppo Pepper which is grown only a mountain range away in Syria. Considered a medium heat chile this comes in at 6,000-8,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units) and their heat is surprising as they start off a bit mild but then almost seem to increase in heat and intensity as the meal progresses. With their high oil and moisture content the Urfa Biber chiles keep better than most ground chiles. Because of their high moisture content they do tend to be a bit clumpy. Most commonly used in Turkish cuisine Urfa Biber chiles play a starring role in lamb kebobs. Their tangy flavor also works in a variety of savory dishes such as roasted vegetables, braised meats and hearty stews. While they can certainly stand on their own we like them best when used with other layered flavors. In this country with its raisiny undertones and delightfully nuanced heat it is becoming an increasingly popular “secret ingredient” in fruit dishes and sweet deserts (especially brownies, gingerbread and ice cream). It pairs very well with baking spices like chocolate and vanilla and with other nightshades like roasted eggplants and red peppers. Urfa Biber Chile’s intense flavor compliments pungent cheeses such as feta and adds an ideal balance to sweet chutneys. We like to also pair it with the milder Aleppo Pepper for an even more complex flavor combination.

Breadstick Rusks w/ Sesame (Galeta)

Gazioglu     200g.

Turkish Floss Halva w/ Pistachios (Pismaniye)

Sehrazat     250g.
Pismaniye or pishmaniye is a Turkish sweet in fine strands made by blending flour roasted in butter into pulled sugar. It is sometimes garnished with ground pistachio nuts. Although the texture is similar to cotton candy, both method and ingredients are different.

Antep Cheese (Village Style Feta)

Teksut     250g
A special taste serviced after cooking and it is very light, consumed with pleasure and preferred by youngsters as a meal….Cut into thin slices. Keep in warm water for 10 minutes and fry on pan without using oil. Service hot and eat joyfully before it gets cold. You will greatly enjoy its taste. It is offered in 250gr packing for consumers wishing to try different tastes.