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Milk Chocolate Coated Wafer with Hazelnut Cream

Torku     35g.
Premium Quality Crunchy Wafer

Bitter Chocolate Wafers (Karam Gurme) - 12pk

Eti     12 x 50g.
New Karam Delight... Bitter chocolate lovers are introduced a brand new Karam delight now... It will bring you brand new bitter chocolate delight with its overflowing intensive bitter cream, wafer layers melting in the mouth, and intensive bitter chocolate coating.

Classic Olive Oil Soap for Babies

Taris     100g.
Pure olive oil soap helps your baby to prepare for a peaceful sleep with its relaxing aroma and soothing content. Its natural vitamin E hydrates the skin and prevents dryness by improving skin balance and structure.

Jalapeno Hot Pepper Pickles (Sliced)

Yonca     720ml.
You will always remember its taste! Because you will not start to have your meal without Yonca Pepper pickle! Our pepper pickle in delightful taste will make you insatiable every meal more.

Sunflower Oil

Yonca     1.8l.
YONCA Sunflower Oil is obtained from the best quality sunflower seeds and manufactured (extracted – refined – packed) in cutting-edge YONCA plants. YONCA Sunflower Oil contains high rates of Vitamin E. We are sure that you will prepare healthy and delicious dinner tables for your family with YONCA Sunflower Oil, which can be used for cooking or serving hot and cold meals such as fried foods, salads, pastry and many other foods that you prefer to cook.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (max 0.8% acidity)

Yonca     1lt.
Produced by Yonca, one of leader companies in Olive Oil field in Turkey, Rio Santo Natural Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is obtained with traditional pressing methods includes acid rate of 0.8 %. You can use Natural Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in different cold and hot meals, salads and pastries. All Natural 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cholesterol Free Product . Produced in Turkey

Adana Kebab (12 pc)

Nema     2lb.
Traditional Adana kebabi (colloquially known as Kiyma kebabi) is a long, hand-minced lamb kebab mounted on a wide iron skewer and grilled on an open mangal filled with burning charcoal. The culinary item is named after Adana, the fifth largest city of Turkey and was originally known as the "Kiyma kebabi (lit: minced meat kebab) or Kiyma in Adana-Mersin and the southeastern provinces of Turkey. Adana Kebab is the most popular dining choice in Turkey. Ready to cook. Kept Frozen.

Tekirdag Meatballs - Kofte (32 pc)

Nema     1.6lb.
Prepared with the finest ingredients, this meatballs has a long format of the meatball, not the patty, is pleasantly aromatic and juicy. Tekirdag is a province of Turkey famous with its delicious traditional koftes. These meatballs are seriously delicious, you won't regret trying.Each pack age has 32 pieces of kofte which is uncooked and freshly frozen. Ready to cook.

Light Candied Chestnut in Syrup

Kardelen     500g.
Marron glacés are a speciality of Bursa, Turkey, where they are called kestane sekeri 'chestnut candy'. These sweets date back to the 1300s when Bursa was capital of the Ottoman Empire. This item comes with 30% less sugar.

Dried Sour Cherries

Made in Nature     8oz.
Dried Sour cherries are a sweet, tart, and flavorful treat that is great for snacking, cooking, and baking. They are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that support heart health and reduce inflammation. Try the sour cherries straight out of the bag, in trail mix, or in baked goods. These dried cherries are lightly sweetened.

Gold Sele Olives in Oil (Less Salted)

Ikram     800g.
Sele olives are only cured with oil, no water or chemicals are used for ripening. This way you can have the real taste of black olives. With 25% more oil ratio than the other black olives, sele olives are easily grazed.

Green Plums (Can Erik)

Local     1lb.
It is that time of the year again, to dip the ripe, crunchy green plum to the salt and enjoy the irresistible juicy taste. It is available only for a limited time at most until the end of May, depending on harvest. First crop, it is small and crunchy. And it is getting bigger by time. So, hurry this is Erik's best time to refresh your taste buds.

Organic Black Raisins (Small)

Saray     12oz.
Raisins are the original nature's candy. They are one of the most nutritious dried fruits in the world. Raisins are cholesterol-free, low in sodium and totally fat-free. They provide many necessary vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium and certain B vitamins. Raisins are a good source of fiber and rich in antioxidants. Raisins are 70% pure fructose (a natural form of sugar) which is easily digested for quick energy.

Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Ayvalik Region)

Taris     750ml.
Aegean Region is one of the most important and world-famous regions for olive oil production. North Aegean olive oils are obtained from Ayvalık and Edremit varieties that are grown in Çanakkale, Balıkesir and İzmir. The color of the oil is greenish and it is very smooth.

Baklava w/ Pistachios (12pc)

Turkitch     400g
All Natural 100% hand-made baklava. No Glucose syrup, made with real sugar. Produced with butter. 300g/kg Antep pistachios used. Kept frozen.Ready to eat.

Authentic Turkish Bagel (Simit) 5 pk

Turkitch     5x100g.
Out of stock
World famous simit comes semi-baked and frozen. Bake at 482F and crispy and delicious in 7 minutes. No Additives. No Preservatives. All Natural.

Traditional Water Borek with Cheese (Su Boregi)

Turkitch     800g.
A traditional 100% hand made Turkish delicacy. No additives, no preservatives. All Natural . Ready to eat. It is cooked and frozen for freshness. Heat at 365F in a conventional oven for 15 minutes at 365F. Consume in 12 hours. Not suggested for Microwave.

Organic Smyrna Figs

Made in Nature     12oz.
Close your eyes. Take a bite. And let the velvety taste and texture of these Organic Smyrna Figs take you to a place you never expected. A place of pure, snack-driven desire. Of fruitful passion. Of wildly permissible indulgence. These rich, flavorful figs have hints of honey, jam and butterscotch with a subtle nuttiness from the seeds. And their looks: exquisite. They range from light tan to deep brown, and their naturally occurring sugars often emerge during the sun-drying process to form beautiful white crystals on the soft skin. There’s really nothing quite like them. So congrats, nature. You really nailed it on this one.

Organic Deglet Noor Dates

Made in Nature     12oz.
Food should be about flavor, wouldn’t you agree? And not the fake kind. The real kind. The kind only nature makes. Like what you’ll taste in these sun-dried Deglet Noor Dates aka the “Queen of Dates.” They’re plump. They’re prized. And they’re handpicked from trees in the hot Tunisian desert where the cool underground water tickles their toes. What’s more, their translucent blonde color and soft, caramel-like flavor make them bona fide snacking central. Seriously, they taste really, regally good. Maybe that’s where the name comes from.

Coarse Bulgur

Torku     1kg.
The famous Anatolian durum wheat produced by Stone Mills.

Dried Carob (Keci Boynuzu)

MEK NATURE     500g.
Carob is a beneficial type of shrub in the same family as peas that have a wide variety of health benefits, including its ability to boost the immune system, reduce the risk of cancer, improve digestion, slow down aging, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and manage diabetes. Widely produced in Turkey. It is also beneficial for lungs and mental health and increases libido.

Assorted Turkish Baklava

Seyidoglu     1lb.
All natural hand-made assorted baklava. Package includes 4 pistachio baklava, 4 walnut baklava and a slice of pistachio kadayif. Kept Frozen. Produced by Seyidoglu under Ipek brand.

Roasted Eggplants

Yonca     640g
Ready To Serve. 100% Natural product.

Traditional White Cheese (Feta)

Pinar     1kg.
Full Fat Cow's Milk White Cheese (55%). Taste and consistency of cheese is depend on the quality, amount of milk and production techniques of cheese. 1 kg Pinar White Cheese contains 7 kg Pinar milk. It gets its delicious taste from Pinar milk which is gathered and processed in healthy conditions. Through the special production techniques of Pınar white cheese, it has an unique consistency. It can take out from its package simply and serve easily without falling to pieces. Till it finishes, it does not lose anything from its ideal taste and consistency. You can safely consume Pinar white cheese, produced by fully automatic machines, under healthy and hygienic conditions.

Wafer Halva

Koska     45g.
Very tasty snack which is made from Halva and is shaped and textured very similar to that of a waffle snack. Filled with deliciously rich filling and flattened to perfection. This reminds us of a waffle cone.

Aged Kashkaval Cheese

Bahcivan     350g.
It is produced using pasteurized cow and sheep milk. Matured Kashkaval cheese comprises 70% sheep’s milk and 30% cow’s milk. Matured kashkaval cheese is produced at the highest quality standards and is packed after being left to mature in the cold storage for 5-6 days. Produced in large round moulds, matured kashkaval cheese is cut up before being packed.

Einkorn Wheat (Siyez Bulguru)

Reis     1kg.
This is an ancient bulgur of which has not been changed genetically more than 10,000 years and it is famous from Kastamonu region in Turkey. The production process for bulgur is relatively simple. The husked grains are covered with boiling water for about 20 minutes, then immediately cooled with cold water and spread out in the sun to dry. The wheat is then brought to a mill where it is ground repeatedly until the grains are cleaned and crushed.