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Whipping Cream Mix w/ Chocolate

Dr Oetker     80g.
For better, longer-lasting whipped cream, just add Creme Chantilly Mix! Use with Vanilla Sugar for even better results.

Ground Red Pepper (Hot Paprika)

Arifoglu     175g.
Paprika in its simplest form is made from grinding sweet pepper pods to create the iconic bright red powder. But depending on the variety of paprika, the color can range from a bright orange-red to a deep blood red and the flavor can be anything from sweet and mild to bitter and hot.

String Cheese (Dil Peyniri)

Aleppo     225g
It is produced using pasteurized cow’s milk. There are two types of paste in the production of the cheeses. For instance, kasar cheese is obtained from the second paste, while string cheese is obtained from the first paste. In other words string cheese is the prior phase of kasar cheese, and its most important characteristic is that it separates into fibres.

Corn Flour

Arifoglu     250g
For all kinds of frying (fish. chicken, meat etc.), pies and bread-making. Enjoy Arifoglu's premium products.

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows (20pc)

Aldiva     20 x 12g
The irresistible taste from your childhood. These yummy chocolate covered marshmallows are so much fun to eat.

Biscolata Pia Chocolate Cookies with Orange

Solen     100g.
Amazing cake biscuits! Soft and moist cake on the bottom, orange jelly center and then a strong chocolate layer on top. You will enjoy these these unique biscuits! Imported from Turkey.

Twisted Cheese (Buklum Peynir)

Lezzet Dunyasi     200g.
All natural fresh Buklum cheese is the one and only for tasteful breakfasts and recipes. Your kids will love this cheese.

Kefalotyri (Hard Ripened Cheese)

Krinos     200g.
An ancient cheese, kefalotyri is very hard, light yellow in color and made from sheep and/or goat milk. Its tangy flavor and sharp aroma vary slightly according to the region from which it is produced. As it is an outstanding grating cheese, kefalotyri makes a fine substitute for parmesan or Romano on pastas and in sauces. It is a common ingredient in many traditional Greek specialties and a delicious stuffing for chicken.

Aurum Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil !!! BOGO SALE !!!

Taris     500ml.
BUY 1, GET 1 FREE PROMO ENDS SEPT 24th MONDAY. This special olive oil named Aurum is produced with the "Sinolea System". This system doesn't apply pressure on olives, requiring a larger amount of olives than with normal extraction process. This special production method is called "cold dripping". Because olives are not processed with hot water, this type of olive oil retains the most intense olive aroma.

Butcher Soujouk

Apikoglu     1lb.
If you grew up in Turkey, the Balkans, the Middle East or Central Asia, you will be familiar with Soujouk, a wonderfully spicy, dried beef sausage. Also known as sucuk, sudžuk, and more – soujouk is revered for its dense, chewy texture and deep flavor profile. While many cultures enjoy soujouk an appetizer or in a sandwich (after removing the sausage casing), Turkish-style soujouk truly shines when cooked! We make our Kasap Halal Soujouk in the United States, with butcher’s-grade beef using the Apikoglu family’s traditional recipe. The secret to the goodness of our sausage starts with the premium quality beef and signature seasonings including garlic and hot red pepper. Pan sauté or grill our sausage sliced or diced – no need to add butter or oil – and the culinary possibilities for Apikoglu Kasap Halal Soujouk will inspire you! Grilling soujouk will release some of the fat and take the meat to new heights of deliciousness. Add to an egg scramble or frittata. Use as a topping on homemade pizza or flatbread instead of pepperoni or chorizo. Serve in a lavash bread or on a hot dog roll, with your favorite condiments. In Turkey, soujouk is a classic component in two delicious baked sausage and egg dishes: Sucuklu Yumurta, also prepared with cheese, tomatoes, spinach, onion, paprika and olive oil – and Menemen, a soft scrambled egg dish also made with chilis, tomatoes, peppers and lots of olive oil. Soujouk is also traditionally enjoyed with braised white cabbage and a side of mashed potatoes – and in Kuru Fasulye, the unofficial national stew of Turkey, made with navy beans and tomatoes. Once you try Apikoglu Kasap Halal Soujouk, you will find it adds smoky depth and beefy goodness to soups, stews and chilis.

Turkish Cheese Pie Mix (Pogaca)

Dr Oetker     252g.
Homemade touch of Poğaça from Dr Oetker ... It is very practical to prepare it. The package comes with a mixture of dried greens, sesame seeds and baking paper to prepare. Poğaça, which requires less oil and yoghurt usage compared to other classical recipes, is unleavened and can be prepared in a very short time.

Butcher Kofte (16 pc)

BTF Exclusive     ~2lb.
Homemade Turkish Meatballs known as Butcher kofte are the best things to happen on your dinner table. These are spicy, tender and perfectly juicy. ... Typical Turkish meatballs are grilled and served with a traditional Turkish bean salad called piyaz or shepherd’s salad on the side. Ready Cook. Frozen.

Mineral Water (6 pk)

Inisdibi     1200ml.
Inisdibi Natural mineral Water, is one of the few sources that surfaces the earth cold. This source contains neither germs nor nitrite and is a Ca-HCO3 type mineral water. Sodium content is less than 20 mg per liters and thus it is suitable for the consumption of those on a sodium diet. With its minerals, it can be consumed safely by pregnant women and children. Thanks to its balanced mineral composition, it is bottled at source without any pre-processing needs. The Filling made at the source also eliminates the risk of transmission of any germs.

Cokokrem Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Ulker     400g.
A healthy and tasty alternative to peanut butter. It is made with world's famous Turkish Hazelnuts.

Inegol Kofte (~16 pc)

BTF Exclusive     ~2lb.
Inegol Köftesi is the real deal for köfte, or Turkish meatballs. This Inegöl-style köfte that’s the long format of the meatball, not the patty, is pleasantly springy, aromatic and juicy. Frozen. Ready to cook. The weight slightly differs according to kofte pieces.

Village Style Bosnian Somun Bread (5pk)

Klas     230g x 5
Traditional Village Style Bosnian Somun Bread. A light and fluffy flat bread expertly crafted. Somun is a soft and airy yeast-raised flatbread that is very popular in the Balkans, and traditionally enjoyed with cevapi, ajvar and chopped onions. With roots dating back to Mesopotamia, this classic bread – also called "pita" in Greek, "pide" in Turkish and known as Arabic or Syrian bread – is the perfect base for any sandwich, panini or pizza. Fill Klas Somun Flatbread with your favorite veggies, cheeses and meats and toast for a delicious pocket sandwich. Cut into triangles, toast, and serve as an appetizer with Middle Eastern or Greek spreads. Or, top with olive oil and garlic for a new twist on toasted garlic bread. Once thawed, we recommend not freezing again.It is baked & frozen, reheat to serve. 230g/each.

Tavuk Gogsu

Dr Oetker     129g.
A traditional and nostalgic sweet from Turkish cuisine!

Dark Chocolate w/ Whole Pistachios

Ulker     80g.
Ulker's traditional dark chocolate with double pistachios.

Lahmacun (3 pcs)

BTF Exclusive     ~1.5lb
3 pcs of Antep style Lahmacun. Handmade traditional taste. No additional preservatives, additives, flavors or coloring agents used. D10". Baked and frozen for the freshness.

Gold Framed Evil Eye M ( Glass - D3")

The Nazar, commonly known as the Nazar boncugu, is a beautiful bead also known as the Evil Eye. Worn as a protective talisman, the Nazar boncugu originated in Turkey and from there spread across the world. It is one of the most famous and easily recognizable designs globally.

Ezogelin Soup w/ Firik Wheat

Knorr     98g.
Here is a wonderful soup for crowded families. Ezogelin soup with the nutritious Firik bulgur and dried lentils from Anatolia. We have made the indispensable taste of the tables even more indispensable for you with its high protein and fiber source. Enjoy your meal!

Artichoke Bottoms (~26 pieces)

Tukas     1700g.
Irresistible taste of Turkish meze plates. 24-27 piece of artichoke baby bottoms in a jar.

Aged Kashkaval Cheese

Bahcivan     350g.
It is produced using pasteurized cow and sheep milk. Matured Kashkaval cheese comprises 70% sheep’s milk and 30% cow’s milk. Matured kashkaval cheese is produced at the highest quality standards and is packed after being left to mature in the cold storage for 5-6 days. Produced in large round moulds, matured kashkaval cheese is cut up before being packed.

Lagume Pudding (Asure)

Dr Oetker     225g.
Ashure (in Turkish: Asure) or Noah's Pudding is a Turkish dessert that is made of a mixture consisting of grains, fruits and nuts. Ashure is a part of the culinary tradition of Turkey as well as many of the surrounding countries. Its anecdotal history it is claimed that when Noah's Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat in northeastern Turkey, Noah's family celebrated with a special dish. Since their supplies were nearly exhausted, what was left (primarily grains, dried fruits and the like) was cooked together to form a pudding, what is now call Ashure. However, traditionally, this mixture is prepared on the Day of Ashura, which marks the end of the Battle of Karbala. Hence, Noah's involvement in this mixture can be disputed. Traditionally, Ashure is made in large quantities to commemorate the ark's landing and is distributed to friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, etc. without regard to the recipient's religion or belief system as an offering of peace and love. Ashure was traditionally made and eaten during the colder months of the year as it is calorie rich fare, but now it is enjoyed year-round.