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Full Fat Tulum Cheese w/ Black Caraway Seeds

Merve     500g
First Quality Tulum Cheese

Soy Stuffed Pasta (Manti)

Merve     500g.
In modern Turkish cuisine, Manti is typically served topped with yoghurt and garlic, and spiced with red pepper powder and melted butter, and topped with ground sumac and/or dried mint by the consumer.

Antep Katmer w/ Pistachios

Ipek     150g
Katmer has been considered as the best Turkish sweet in all times. Prepared with world famous Antep pistachios and kaymak (thick milk cream) in a paper thin layer of handmade dough, this speciality sweet will be your favorite as well. Ready to eat in 5 minutes.

Traditional Beef Burek Pie (Halal)

Djerdan     650g.
Fresh, flaky phyllo dough layers stuffed with ground beef and onions. Ready in 30 mins. Bake at 450F. If you’ve never had the joy of eating Burek, savory meat or vegetarian pies wrapped in delicate layers of crispy phyllo, you’re in for a distinctive treat! Traditionally filled with ground beef, potato, cheese or spinach and cheese, Burek (also known as Börek or Bourekas) have been classic fare in the Balkans, the Mediterranean and parts of the Middle East for centuries. Djerdan Beef & Potato Burek Pies are “bake-at-home” versions of the delicious burek we serve in restaurants. Our Beef & Potato Burek feature seasoned ground beef and potatoes nestled between thin layers of phyllo. Baked to perfection in the beautiful shape of large family-size spiral pie, each burek serves 4-6 people as an appetizer and 2-3 people as a main dish.

Kunefe (Kadayif w/ Cheese)

Mersin     135g
Just follow the easy directions on the package for preparing your perfect kunefe. Sherbet needs to be added after baking. Kunefe pan is not included.

Stuffed Pastry w/ Cheese (Peynirli Pogaca) 5 pk

Ipek     14oz.
"Pogaca"s are from traditional Turkish cuisine. These puffy pastries are best served warm out of the oven. They go perfectly with breakfast or afternoon tea. ..No Additives. No Preservatives. All Natural. Preheat 5mins at 300F in the oven.

Wheat Flour (Un)

Ipek     1kg.
All purpose Wheat Flour for bread and all sort of pastries.

Natural Skin Cream w/ Olive Oil

Arko     60ml
It is an ideal cream for the use of the whole family. Arko Classic Skin Care cream is specially formulated for the dry, cracked, damaged and delicate skin. It protects the skin against the negative effects of sun, wind and cold and softens hands after house work. It nourishes the dry and damaged skin and restores the optimum moisture level. Provides skin care for entire body (face, neck, hands, legs, elbows, heels and knees.)

Coarse Bulgur

Krinos     1kg
For many millennia, bulgur has been a staple ingredient in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine – and for good reason! Bulgur is not only a wonderfully versatile culinary ingredient, but one of the healthiest grains one can consume. This popular “ancient grain” is made from Durum wheat that is parboiled in water, sun-dried and milled into distinct grain sizes. Of all of the yellow bulgur on the market, coarse bulgur is the most widely used in cuisine. Krinos Coarse Bulgur (#3 Pilavlik) is slightly coarser than fine bulgur and has a wonderfully light nutty flavor. For a delicious warm morning porridge, cook the bulgur in warm milk and serve with brown sugar, sliced bananas, raisins and a touch of salt. Or with raw almonds, diced apples and maple syrup. The easiest way to prepare this bulgur is boiled in your favorite cooking stock. To amplify the inherent nuttiness of bulgur, for a delicious hot side dish or one-pot meal, pan sauté the bulgur in olive oil or butter for 3 to 5 minutes and add your cooking stock and aromatics. KrinosCoarse Bulgur is a perfect ingredient for pilafs, salads, soups stuffed veggies and veggie burgers­ and a wonderful grain for homemade bread. Bulgur has a significantly lower glycemic index than pasta or rice, making it a great grain for diabetics. Rich in fiber, antioxidants and protein, bulgur also helps with satiety, heart health and anemia. This light and nutty grain also helps to balance the body’s pH and is a good source of manganese, b vitamins, folic acid, iron and magnesium. A wonderful grain for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters, bulgur is not recommended for anyone with Celiac Disease or with a gluten intolerance.

Feta Cheese Rolls (Sigara Boregi)

Ipek     454g
Ready to cook. Feta Cheese Rolls, originally called “Sigara Boregi”, is made with triangle fillo dough that is rolled with feta cheese and parsley. It is a great option for breakfast, as a snack or appetizer.

Apple Tea

Arifoglu     170g.
Real and natural tea mixes coming from central Anatolia without using any pesticides. Instead of drinking artificial apple teas, why not go for the real one.

Green Tea (Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger)

Arifoglu     165g.
Real and natural tea mixes coming from central Anatolia without using any pesticides.

Crushed Tomato

Yonca     700g.
Save the time for your family as well as your friends! YONCA Crushed Tomato is the easiest way to prepare tomato including meals which brings all healthy and fresh crushed tomatoes into your meals. You are experiencing fresh tomato pleasure in the off-tomato season with YONCA Crushed Tomato! Practical and tasty.

Rolled Kadaifi w/ Pistachios (Burma Kadayif)

Ipek     1lb
All Natural Ingredients. No Artificial Flavors. No Additives. Hand Made. Ready to eat.

Premium Stuffed Grape Leaves

Gurme 212     400g.
All natural premium stuffed vine leaves (dolma) with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pinenuts. Ready to Serve.

Organic Grape Molasses

Arifoglu     430g.
Obtained from first cold pressed grapes. No added sugar. The "Pekmez" is a thick syrup made by boiling down grape juice made of grapes coming from the Aegean and the Marmara regions. It is mechanically packed without any manipulation. The slight crystallization that could occur in the "Pekmez" does not mean that the product has gone bad. It will be sufficient to keep the jar into hot water during a certain time and then stir the "pekmez" inside the jar.

Turkish Bath Soap (4pk)

Duru     4 x 150g
Relied upon by generations for ultimate cleansing and pleasure due to rich foam and comforting classic scents.

Kremini Sour Cherry Toffee (3pc)

Ulker     3 x 44g
World famous Turkish toffee candy with sour cherry flavor comes with Ulker quality. 10pc/pk

Protoben Dried Turkish Figs #4

Taris     400g
This special figs are dried naturally without adding any preservatives. Produce of Turkey. The cultivated fig (Ficus carica) has always been a very popular fruit in Anatolia, the motherland of fig, and then the desire towards fig was spread out to the Mediterranean region, Europe, Arabia, and Persia throughout history. Turkey is the biggest dried fig producer with a share of approximately 70% of world production. The western side of Turkey is very eligible for production. Especially Izmir, Odemis, Tire, Aydin, Germencik, and Ortaklar are the main cultivation sites. There are two main groups, which are based on the size and formation, and four quality classes, which are extra, first, second and industrial class. Each formation style has a different name such as Natural, Lerida, Garland, Protoben, Pulled, Layer, and Baglama.


Kral     400g
Güllaç is a Turkish dessert made with milk, pomegranate and a special kind of pastry sheets. Walnuts, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts can be used in between the sheets. Since it is so lite and easy to digest, it is consumed especially during Ramadan. The taste is very refreshing and tasty.

100% Wild Honey Comb (Karakovan Bali)

Vintage     1.25kg
Comb honey produced in a hive which is kept in the dark for six months with no intervention with bees and the hive is called Wild Honeycomb honey. Wild honeycomb honey is picked by specially bred Caucasian Bees at Eastern Anatolia highlands with high altitude from around 1200 species of flowers rich in nectar. Caucasian bees take up all honey and nectar from flowers since their trunks are long. Being one hundred percent natural renders this honey extremely special. Its honeycomb can be eaten up. It is a rarely found and priceless type of honey since it takes a long time for bees to produce it following a very laborious job.

Roasted Salted Peanuts

Mr. Nut     142g.
Turkish style salted peanuts are one of the most demanded "Cerez" and the best companion to a glass of cold beer. Once you try, you will be addicted.

Baldo Rice

Krinos     1kg
If you love making risotto and don’t have the patience for its labor-intensive preparation, Krinos Baldo Rice may become a new pantry favorite! Baldo Rice is considered to be the finest quality rice grown in Turkey. A relatively new rice, cultivated exclusively in Turkey and Italy, this short grain white rice was created by cross-breeding Arborio Rice with Stirpe 136 Rice. A bit smaller than Arborio Rice, Baldo Rice (Baldo Pirinç) has a wonderfully compact structure, making it the perfect chewy grain to absorb the saucy deliciousness of your culinary creations. For a wonderfully flavorful vegetarian Baldo Rice risotto, sauté olive oil, garlic, shallots, shitake mushrooms and asparagus, peas and grated parmesan cheese. You will find our Baldo Rice requires frequent vs. constant stirring for risotto preparations. (Chef’s tip: Don't rinse the rice before cooking or its starchy goodness will diminish.) Once you start working with Baldo Rice, you will find it to be a wonderful vehicle for your culinary masterpieces!

Coarse Bulgur w/ Vermicelli

Duru     1kg.
It is a very valuable and nutritious semi-finished foodstuff that only composes of water and wheat and that is obtained by cleaning, boiling, drying the wheat and grinding it in different kinds of mills after removing its peel and classifying it according to grain sizes. Grain group is an important and economical carbohydrate source that is located at the bottom of the nutrition pyramid. Cracked wheat is a valuable foodstuff that belongs to the grain group.

Wafer Halva

Koska     45g.
Very tasty snack which is made from Halva and is shaped and textured very similar to that of a waffle snack. Filled with deliciously rich filling and flattened to perfection. This reminds us of a waffle cone.

Premium Beef Salami

Emir     1lb.
Premium Beef Salami is made of carefully selected young Angus fresh cuts of Zabihah beef combined with real spices. Prime, low fat and always fresh, never frozen beef is used. Using the latest German Reiser technology the meat is kept at around 32 F (O Celsius), carefully grinded, mixed with mild Central Asian spices and fresh garlic, then stuffed into prime casings, marinated for better taste and extended shelf life. It is All Natural, Gluten Free, Milk Free, Additives Free, and Allergens Free. Cube and serve with cheese or use for salads, pizza toppings and sandwiches. Beef Salami is ready to eat and does not require cooking.

Triangular Cheese (8 pcs)

Pinar     120g.
Simit's best friend. Unforgettable for anyone who lived in Turkey.