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UPS Holiday Schedule! -Sunday, November 11, 2018
Please be aware of UPS holiday schedule! They do NOT pick up or deliver on Thursday Nov 22nd Thanksgiving Day, Tuesday Dec 25th Christmas Day and Tuesday Jan 1st New Year's Day.. They don't deliver on the weekends as well, unless requested. Please plan your orders accordingly for this holiday season. Click to see details:
Once again, our festival has been completed with a great success this year. As Turkish-American community here in MidWest, we need your contribution for the next one. Let's make a difference together! Click for the details!
Recycle-to-Earn program! -Friday, February 16, 2018
We encourage you to recycle the ice-packs you have received along with your orders. Every 4 ice-packs earn $1 which will be activated under your account as soon as we receive the reusable ice-packs. Everybody wins under this program. Less sources will be used and both you and us make money...
Shipping Facts! -Wednesday, August 16, 2017
We make our prices more reasonable and Free Shipping promotion is no longer offered. Your savings are even bigger now! Please click on the "Details" link below for more information. Happy shopping...
Now, you can earn points every time you shop with (as of June 2017). Every $25 purchase will earn 1 reward point that you can use towards a future purchase. You will be notified how many points you earn while you shop online. You can always check your accumulated points when you login to your account. Occasionally, we will offer extra points for product or social media reviews. You will be notified when these offers are applicable. And please don't forget! If you check out as a guest, you don't earn rewards. In order to earn rewards with your purchases, you should be our registered customer.