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Crushed Tomato

Yonca     700g.
Save the time for your family as well as your friends! YONCA Crushed Tomato is the easiest way to prepare tomato including meals which brings all healthy and fresh crushed tomatoes into your meals. You are experiencing fresh tomato pleasure in the off-tomato season with YONCA Crushed Tomato! Practical and tasty.

Jalapeno Hot Pepper Pickles (Sliced)

Yonca     720ml.
You will always remember its taste! Because you will not start to have your meal without Yonca Pepper pickle! Our pepper pickle in delightful taste will make you insatiable every meal more.

Roasted Red Peppers

Yonca     720ml.
A delicious side dish roasted red pepper could be served with meat and salad dishes, or in many forms of appetizer and meal. Just grab a plate and turn the jar upside down!

Tomato Paste

Yonca     700g.
Natural taste of Aegean Region in your all meals! YONCA Tomatoes Paste is the essential ingredient of our kitchens. Grown carefully in its season, and select their best crops for a natural, fresh and additive-free tomato paste that we produce from completely mature, solid and tasty tomatoes grown in the croplands of Aegean Region brings the taste of fresh Aegean YONCA Tomato Paste to your dinner tables.