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Apricot Nectar

Pinar     1l.
Nothing is as enjoyable as taking out the ice-cold apricots from a fridge at evenings during the summer, washing them one by one, removing their seeds carefully and enjoying them fully. We know that you are get used to this taste, but always remember the first apricot you have eaten in that summer and refresh yourself when you take a sip of it each time!

Fresh Kashkaval Cheese

Pinar     400g.
It is a natural cheese variety made of pasteurized cow milk and has semi-hard nature. Due to its melting features, it can be used for toast and sandwiches pizza, macaroni and breakfast, either sliced or grated.

Mayonnaise (100% Natural)

Tamek     345g.
Tamek Mayonnaise, with its renewed taste, takes place in your meals as the indispensable flavour of fried food, grilled food, sausage and meatball..100% Natural No Preservatives Added

Sour Cherry Nectar

Aroma     1l.
Sour Cherry Nectar. ... Sour Cherry, especially rich in Vitamin A, is effective in the regular functioning of the body. The "anthocyanin" in its content, which gives a red colour to the fruit, has cell renewal and antioxidant properties.

Sour Cherry Nectar

Pinar     1l.
Each year Pınar closely follows trends within Turkey and the developing world, to be able to introduce the best products to its consumers. Aimed at promoting healthy options, these products encompass both new and traditional concepts. The Pınar range of fruit juices is constantly being developed and renewed, and offers a wide selection of flavors to suit every taste.

Strained White Cheese (Suzme Peynir)

Pinar     800g
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For those who prefer soft texture and light taste. Since it produced with Ultra Filtration method, the cheese is fermented in the package. This cheese can easily spreadable as well as sliceable. With this feature it is widely enjoyable by kids and elderly.

Traditional White Cheese (Feta)

Pinar     1kg.
Full Fat Cow's Milk White Cheese (55%). Taste and consistency of cheese is depend on the quality, amount of milk and production techniques of cheese. 1 kg Pinar White Cheese contains 7 kg Pinar milk. It gets its delicious taste from Pinar milk which is gathered and processed in healthy conditions. Through the special production techniques of Pınar white cheese, it has an unique consistency. It can take out from its package simply and serve easily without falling to pieces. Till it finishes, it does not lose anything from its ideal taste and consistency. You can safely consume Pinar white cheese, produced by fully automatic machines, under healthy and hygienic conditions.

White Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Pinar     800g.
Matured within brine during production phase and offered for sale within brine in 800 g practical plastic package, "Pinar Salamura Beyaz Peynir" offers easy use and storage thanks to the cup with transparent cover.