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Aged Kashkaval Cheese

Bahcivan     350g.
It is produced using pasteurized cow and sheep milk. Matured Kashkaval cheese comprises 70% sheep’s milk and 30% cow’s milk. Matured kashkaval cheese is produced at the highest quality standards and is packed after being left to mature in the cold storage for 5-6 days. Produced in large round moulds, matured kashkaval cheese is cut up before being packed.

Creamy Feta Cheese (Suzme Peynir)

Bahcivan     454g.
Out of stock
For those who prefer soft texture and light taste. Since it produced with Ultra Filtration method, the cheese is fermented in the package. This cheese can easily spreadable as well as sliceable. With this feature it is widely enjoyable by kids and elderly.

Halloumi Cheese

Bahcivan     250g.
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Halloumi Cheese is a yellowish white cheese with thick fibres. It is usually eaten after being fried in an oil-less frying pan. It is in rectangular shapes and then is cured with salt. That’s why it is a long-life cheese.) Halloumi Cheese is a very different kind of cheese with its structure adequate for frying. Its flavor, smell and taste is incomparable.

Kashkaval Cheese

Bahcivan     400g
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It is produced using pasteurized cow’s milk. In order to produce 1 kg of quality Kashkaval Cheese an average of 11-12 kg of milk is used.

String Cheese (Dil Peyniri)

Bahcivan     200g.
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It is produced using pasteurized cow’s milk. There are two types of paste in the production of the cheeses. For instance, kasar cheese is obtained from the second paste, while string cheese is obtained from the first paste. In other words string cheese is the prior phase of kasar cheese, and its most important haracteristic is that it separates into fibres.

Traditional Yogurt Drink (Ayran)

Bahcivan     1pt.
$1.99 $2.49
All natural plain yogurt drink (Ayran). rBST free. Gluten free. Live Probiotics. Excellent source of Calcium. Halal certified.