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Exclusive Gemlik Black Olives in Oil (XL)

Oncu     1kg.
Extra Quality Gemlik Black Olives 201-260 pcs/kg Marinate with thyme, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil when serving. The olive tree that has a passion for the sea, that has an admiration for its odor and wind even though it can not see the sea, lives where it can hear the sound of the sea. Gemlik has given to this black eyed beauty, the generosity that it could not find all over the world and has given everything that it has taken from these a without envy. This enique combination is there a son why the olives are so tasty in this reagon.

Gemlik Black Olives XS

Marmara Birlik     500g.
A Gemlik olive, or Tirilye olive is variety from the Gemlik region of northern Turkey. Gemlik olives called the following names as Tirilye, Curly, wrapping paper and black. They are small to medium-sized black olives with a high oil content. This type of olive is very common in Turkey and is sold as a breakfast olive in the cured formats of either Yagli Sele, Salamura or Duble; though there are other less common curing. The sign of a traditionally cured Gemlik olive is that the flesh comes away from the pip easily. 321-350 pcs/kg

Gemlik Dried Sele Olives (S)

Marmara Birlik     400g.
291-320 pc/kg. Sele olives are only cured with oil, no water or chemicals are used for ripening. This way you can have the real taste of black olives. With 25% more oil ratio than the other black olives, sele olives are easily grazed.

Premium Cracked Green Olives

Cheshni     2kg

Premium Scratched Green Olives

Cheshni     2kg

Scratched Green Olives (XL)

Ikram     1lb
Out of stock
Natural Colossal Size Scratched Green Olives