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Exclusive White Cheese

Sut Diyari     1kg.
Exclusive white cheese in brine 60% fat in dry matter. SütdiyarI Piknik White Cheese is made with pure (cow, sheep and/or goat’s milk) and brined and aged to perfection. With a delicate, crumbly texture and milky, slightly salty flavor, our Piknik White Cheese is a wonderful way to add Mediterranean flare to salads, omelets, roasted veggies and pastas. Enjoy warm on flatbread with fresh tomatoes, oregano and olive oil. Or try it with fig jam, walnuts and a drizzle of honey.

Feta Cheese w/herbs

Teksut     250g
Herby Cheese is a type of cheese that is produced at various regions of Eastern Anatolia. Special herbs like Wild Garlic added to this cheese to increase nutritious values and the rich taste. According to common opinion, this cheese, which is learned from an Armenian doctor who came from Iran in the 18th century, was first used as a medicine in the beginning. This cheese with a pleasing aroma which is produced by using the herbs of sirmo and heliz, which are very special to Van region, is for those who love the real local taste.

Full Fat White Cheese (Ezine Sheep's Milk)

Tahsildaroglu     350g.
There is a millennia-old cheese making tradition in Turkey and Beyaz Peynir - which translates to “white cheese”- is among the most popular cheeses in the country. The Turkish equivalent to Feta, Beyaz Peynir is included in most meals – starting at breakfast! Tahsildaroglu Sheep’s Milk Feta is made from the pure milk of herds grazing freely in the Ezine region of Turkey. We make Tahsildaroglu Sheep’s Milk Feta from sheep and goat milk, and age it for at least 12 months in a natural salt and yeast brine. The result is a deliciously balanced cheese with a crumbly, creamy texture and a tart, salty flavor. Enjoy our cheese in a meze platter with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and dried oregano. Or serve it with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and olives for a classic Turkish breakfast. Our Sheep’s Milk Feta is also delicious in hot preparations. Try it on flat-breads, in omelets and in sauces and dips. This Feta also makes a wonderful garnish for roasted fish and meat dishes. A great source of probiotics, calcium and protein, Tahsildaroglu Sheep’s Milk Feta is also low in fat.

Full Fat White Cheese (Ezine Sheep's Milk)

Tahsildaroglu     900g.
Tahsildaroğlu Ezine Sheep Cheese is produced of 55% sheep, 40% goat and 5% of cow's milk and maturated only with natural yeast and salt for at least 12 months. Tahsildaroğlu Ezine Sheep Cheese has a distinct flavour, aroma and quality.

Full Fat White Cheese (Sheep's Milk)

Sutas     600g
Sütaş Classic Sheep’s Cheese is produced from a delicious mixture of high-quality sheep, cow and goat milks. It is matured for at least 6 months to get its ideal taste and special texture. It is indispensable for those who like traditional tastes and seek special tastes in white cheese.

Traditional Feta Cheese ( Ezine Cow's Milk)

Tahsildaroglu     350g.
Tahsildaroğlu Ezine Classic Cheese is produced from natural yeast, salt and milk obtained from naturally fed cows in the northern, western, Ezine and Bayramiç regions of Kaz Mountains. Tahsildaroğlu Ezine Classic Cheese has been maturated for at least 9 months.

Traditional White Cheese (Feta)

Pinar     1kg.
Out of stock
Full Fat Cow's Milk White Cheese (55%). Taste and consistency of cheese is depend on the quality, amount of milk and production techniques of cheese. 1 kg Pinar White Cheese contains 7 kg Pinar milk. It gets its delicious taste from Pinar milk which is gathered and processed in healthy conditions. Through the special production techniques of Pınar white cheese, it has an unique consistency. It can take out from its package simply and serve easily without falling to pieces. Till it finishes, it does not lose anything from its ideal taste and consistency. You can safely consume Pinar white cheese, produced by fully automatic machines, under healthy and hygienic conditions.

White Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Pinar     800g.
Matured within brine during production phase and offered for sale within brine in 800 g practical plastic package, "Pinar Salamura Beyaz Peynir" offers easy use and storage thanks to the cup with transparent cover.

White Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Sutas     1kg.
Sütaş fresh white cheese, produced with 100% natural Sütaş milk, offers a taste pleasing to Turkish palate with its delicious milk taste and rich nutrient content. It is rich in calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins, and it is a healthy, delicious choice for everyone in the family.