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Authentic Syrian Cheese (Taze Koy Peyniri)

Ziyad     ~1lb.
This village style fresh white cheese doesn't have any additives or preservatives and purely made from fresh milk. A must-have for a traditional Turkish breakfast feast.

Feta Cheese for Pastries (Boreklik)

Doyum     800g.
Skimmed Milk Feta Cheese for traditional Borek's. No need to buy full fat breakfast cheeses for this purpose anymore.

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Balls

Bahcivan     200g.
Delicious Cheese Balls are produced in small balls form; and they are law salty, soft and delicious snack food which are produced from pasteurized cow’s milk. You can create salads and pizzas in unique taste and appearance with Delicious Cheese Balls and Stripes that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Full Fat White Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Tahsildaroglu     900g.
Tahsildaroğlu Full Fat White Cheese is produced from cow milk. It is brine, medium density, salty, moist, bright white color and in molds. It is perfect for pasta, pastries and salads as well as breakfast.

Full Fat White Cheese (Sheep's Milk)

Teksut     1kg.
Unlike the classical white cheese, whole sheep cheese is produced from the milk of sheep and goat that is collected at certain times of the year. As the product of this rare milk, TekSüt Classical Sheep Cheese has a rare aroma and quality. Gaining a characterized taste as a result of its aging period, TekSüt Sheep Cheese is consumed with pleasure at breakfast and dinner tables.

Traditional Feta Cheese ( Ezine Cow's Milk)

Tahsildaroglu     350g.
Tahsildaroğlu Ezine Classic Cheese is produced from natural yeast, salt and milk obtained from naturally fed cows in the northern, western, Ezine and Bayramiç regions of Kaz Mountains. Tahsildaroğlu Ezine Classic Cheese has been maturated for at least 9 months.

Traditional Goat's Cheese (Feta)

Pinar     1kg
Full Fat Goat's Milk White Cheese (50%)

Traditional Sheep's Cheese (Feta)

Pinar     1kg
Full Fat Sheep's Milk White Cheese (50%)

Traditional White Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Sutas     600g.
Out of stock
The White Cheese is produced from cow′s milk with an exquisite taste and smell, and is allowed to mature for 6 months to reach its ideal taste and texture. It adds deliciousness to all meals and breakfasts, throughout the day.

Traditional White Cheese (Feta)

Pinar     1kg.
Full Fat Cow's Milk White Cheese (55%). Taste and consistency of cheese is depend on the quality, amount of milk and production techniques of cheese. 1 kg Pinar White Cheese contains 7 kg Pinar milk. It gets its delicious taste from Pinar milk which is gathered and processed in healthy conditions. Through the special production techniques of Pınar white cheese, it has an unique consistency. It can take out from its package simply and serve easily without falling to pieces. Till it finishes, it does not lose anything from its ideal taste and consistency. You can safely consume Pinar white cheese, produced by fully automatic machines, under healthy and hygienic conditions.

White Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Pinar     800g.
Matured within brine during production phase and offered for sale within brine in 800 g practical plastic package, "Pinar Salamura Beyaz Peynir" offers easy use and storage thanks to the cup with transparent cover.

White Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Sutas     1kg.
Sütaş fresh white cheese, produced with 100% natural Sütaş milk, offers a taste pleasing to Turkish palate with its delicious milk taste and rich nutrient content. It is rich in calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins, and it is a healthy, delicious choice for everyone in the family.