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Ground Sumac

Saray     8oz.
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Being famous in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, it has unbelievable sour and distinctive taste for salads and kebabs.


Arifoglu     175g.
Sumac, or Rhus coriaria, has long been considered a winter spice, as it is often the only thing left behind in the winter months for animals to graze on. It is native to the Mediterranean, and in the Middle East where it is used in a variety of spice blends. Sumac has 4% tannins and a higher acid content than many other spices, which give it that tart flavor. In Arabic it is called “summak/summa,” in Mandarin it is “qishu,” in French you will hear “sumac,” in German it is “sumach,” in Hindi “kankrasing,” in Japanese it is called “sumakku,” in Portuguese it is “sumagre,” in Russian it is “sumakh,” and in Spanish you will hear “zumaque.”