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Pudding & Cake Mixes

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Traditional Semolina Cake (Revani)

Dr Oetker     500g.

Turkish Cheese Pie Mix (Pogaca)

Dr Oetker     252g.
Traditional home made Pogaca mixture. Ready in 20 mins. Dried parsley and baking paper included. 13 servings.


Dr Oetker     360g.
Includes chocolate sauce.

Tres Leches Cake (Trilece w/Caramel)

Kenton     290g.
It is an irresistible sweet treat that melts in the mouth, a perfect dessert for hot summer days before us. We came upon a variety of information about the origin of trilece and we suppose it originates from Albania. Our friends suggested that it comes from South America, and the name comes from the words tres leches (three milks bread). And they are probably right:) One thing is certain though, every sweet shop that hopes to keep its reputation must have this milk cake on its menu.

Cake Cream Mixture w/ Vanillin

Dr Oetker     136g
This mixture is a cream for sweet cakes. Perfect fit for European style birthday cakes.

Cream Chocolate

Dr Oetker     150g.
It is a perfect fit for your cakes or mousses. Intense chocolate flavor.

Almond Puding

Dr Oetker     140g.

Chocolate Sauce

Dr Oetker     128g.
Perfect fit for chocolate cakes, ice creams and puddings.

Cocoa Pudding

Dr Oetker     156g.
A classic pudding from Turkish cuisine.

Heavy Cream Mix (Krem Santi)

Dr Oetker     116g.
For better, longer-lasting whipped cream, just add Dr. Oetker's Creme Chantilly Mix! Use with Vanilla Sugar for even better results.

Mastic Pudding

Dr Oetker     150g.
Milk Pudding with Mastic Gum; Damla sakizli muhallebi. ... Originally liquid, mastic gum is sold as hard small translucent lumps and melted in hot milk while making dessert. It can also be grounded with mortar and pestle. As it has a strong flavor, only one or two small lumps will be enough for your cooking.

Milky Pudding (Muhallebi)

Dr Oetker     210g.
Grandma's recipe Classic Milky Pudding.

Overburnt Pudding

Dr Oetker     150g.

Practical Overburnt Pudding (Kazandibi)

Dr Oetker     194g.
Caramelized pudding with burnt bottom. It is very easy to prepare original recipe. Includes sauce packet.

Rice Pudding

Dr Oetker     155g.

Semolina Pudding

Dr Oetker     162g.
Traditional light taste. You will love it.

Supangle (Chocolate Pudding)

Dr Oetker     150g.
Supangle or sup is a type of Turkish chocolate pudding. Its bottom layer includes pieces of cake and it is often garnished with pistachio or coconut, and chocolate chips.

Tavuk Gogsu

Dr Oetker     129g.
A traditional and nostalgic sweet from Turkish cuisine!

Traditional Palace Sweet (Saray Lokmasi)

Dr Oetker     357g.
Makes 80 pieces This is a traditional taste from Ottoman Palaces.

Whipping Cream Mix (Krem Santi)

Ulker     150g.
For better, longer-lasting whipped cream, just add Creme Chantilly Mix! Use with Vanilla Sugar for even better results.