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Flower Honey

Cheshni 280g.
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Flower Honey

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Flower Honey

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Roasted Sunflower Seeds (Lightly Salted)

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Premium quality roasted sunflower seeds. 100% natural product.

Ricotta Cheese (Lor)

Tahsildaroglu     300g.
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Cheese is a mainstay of the Turkish diet, where it is often the main course, and has a regular place on a meze platter. Because of its mild and delicate flavor, Lor Cheese is a breakfast favorite in Turkey. TAHSILDAROGLU Lor Cheese is high in calcium and rich in protein. It is delicious with honey or jam in the morning, or use for a dip or filling for Burek, a phyllo-filled savory pastry.

Turnip Juice - Hot (Pet)

Doganay     1l.
Turnip juice is a popular beverage of southern Turkey, originating from Adana. Although its Turkish name Salgam suyu (or shortened, salgam) does literally mean "turnip juice", it is, in fact, the juice of purple carrot pickles, heavily salted, spiced and flavoured with aromatic turnip (Salgam) and fermented in barrels. It is traditionally served cold in large glasses with long slices of pickled carrots, called tane. Hot paprika relish is added just before drinking. Hot or regular, it's a popular drink with Adana Kebab. Doganay Turnip is fermentation namely yeast product which is made from amaranth carrot, hot or mild pepper, water, salt, cracked whole wheat, yogurt, cheese and vinegar by yeasting and which is produced difficultly during a long time. If Salgam is continuously consumed, it will be invigorate, digestive,and laxative for he body through the vitamins therein decreases stress,prevents influenza, and freshens your body through the enzymes therein.

Sunflower Seeds

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