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Mastic Preserve

Sarantis     16oz.
Chios is renown as being the home of Mastic Gum, and Sarantis Mastiha preserve is the world’s best. A traditional treat - and fancifully named "submarine" in Greek - is to take a spoonful of Mastiha, submerge it in a glass of water and lick it like a lollipop. Mastic is famous for Turkish and Greek people as traditionally. Mastiha, also known as mastic, comes from mystical trees in the island of Chios. It is used for flavor in a variety of dishes and baking. Mastic is also used in many home remedies to relieve certain symptoms.

Pergamot Fruit Preserve

Sarantis     16oz.
Rare Mediterranean Fruit Preserve , The Latest Gourmet Trend - Specialty jams and preserves are taking the place of watery jelly while marmalades are jazzing it up with tropical fruit flavors. The new spreads have moved out of the lunch box and marched on the hors d'oeuvre trays. They are now accompanying cheese, glazing meats, topping yogurt, and appearing in desserts. Sweet spreads go far beyond traditional uses and explode into new flavors with exotic fruits, berries and herbs.

Quince Preserve

Sarantis     16oz.
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Traditional Greek Gourmet Preserves