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Lean Pastirma (Large Cut)

Ohanyan's     per lb (Variable Weight)
This product comes in variable weights between 1.5 and 3 lb. Pre-weighed and priced accordingly. Please see your choices in drop down menu below. Unit price is $26.99 per lb.

Sliced Lean Pastirma (Cured Dried Beef Strips)

Ohanyan's     8oz.
Delicious Fried with eggs. Excellent as Hors D'oeuvres. Perfect for sandwiches. Ohanyan’s Bastirma is a gourmet Mediterranean style delicacy, somewhat similar to Italian Bresaola. Carefully selected beef New York strips are flavored with unique zesty spices and slowly dry-cured for perfection. Bastirma is characterized by its bold garlic flavor with exceptional leanness, tenderness and nutritional value. Available in two forms—lean and marbled.