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Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Tamek 420g.
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Rice, cabbage, onion, water, salt, sunflower oil, currants, sugar, spices, pine-kernel, citric acid.

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Rice, cabbage, onion, water, salt, sunflower oil, currants, sugar, spices, pine-kernel, citric acid.

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Stuffed Grape Leaves

Tamek     420g.
The stuffed grape leaves, oftentimes referred to as dolma, is an under appreciated member of the meze family. In favor of the ubiquitous hummus and pita or cucumber and yogurt salad, stuffed grape leaves tend to get passed over. In fact, one of my closest friends and my own mother find this Middle Eastern staple off-putting. I, too, remember a time when I shied away from stuffed grape leaves based solely on the fact that the dish involved the use of a leaf. (Then again, I was 9-years-old; I’m not sure what their excuse is.) Expecting a vegetal, grassy flavor, I was caught off-guard by the savory, sweet, and sour flavor packed inside of each tiny bundle.

Sour Cherry Nectar

Tamek     1l.
Juice content min 35%. Sour Cherry, especially rich in Vitamin A, is effective in the regular functioning of the body. The "anthocyanin" in its content, which gives a red colour to the fruit, has cell renewal and antioxidant properties. Sour Cherry, which helps to decrease the risk of many diseases extending from heart and vein diseases to cancer, takes effect on issues such as weight balance. According to the Turkish Food Codex, Tamek Sour Cherry Nectar does not contain preservatives and artificial colouring materials; it is completely protected by natural means and packed in sterile conditions and takes place in your meals.

Fried Eggplant

Tamek     400g.

Mediterranean Style Beef Tortellini (Manti) ***FROZEN***

Ohanyan's     1lb.
Ohanyan’s Manti is an ancient central Asian cuisine that is enjoyed by many cultures throughout the Mediterranean & Central Asia. It is a dumpling stuffed w/ seasoned beef, similar to Italian tortellini. The blend of spices & meat makes Manti a savory pasta dish. In modern Turkish cuisine, Manti is typically served topped with yoghurt and garlic, and spiced with red pepper powder and melted butter, and topped with ground sumac and/or dried mint by the consumer.

Semi Baked Turkish Bagel (Simit) 5 pk

Floria     5x100g.
World famous simit comes semi-baked and frozen. Bake at 482F and crispy and delicious in 7 minutes. No Additives. No Preservatives. All Natural. Suggested States for FedEx Ground Delivery: IL-IN-MI-WI-IA-OH-MO Will be shipped w/ice packs. Consider faster delivery options for other states.(1-2 day delivery).