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Asirlik "Centuries-old" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taris     700ml.
High quality extra virgin olive oil is obtained from 350 year-old olive trees. This award winner extra virgin olive oil has olive fruit’s taste and smell as well as ripe tomato and pepper taste and smell. Also a slight bitter taste is taken from this soft taste olive oil. Consumption suggestion is in salads and sauces also in all of hot meals.

Eolia Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Edremit Region)

Taris     500ml.
Tariş Eolia Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Eolia, meaning “the region where has plenty of olives” in ancient times, is the one of a kind oil of the Edremit region.. Makes you feel the breeze of Kaz Mountains inside you with each drop.

Erkence Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Early Harvest)

Taris     500ml.
This very special olive oil sipped even in breakfast by almost everyone who lives on the Gulf shore and defined as panacea on account of its aroma, color and clarity is produced in Burhaniye…An exact elixir of health with a distinguishing grassy aroma and a golden yellow color, this olive oil produced in Burhaniye, the home to the most ancient cooperative of Anatolia, was much liked also in the ancient times. You can relish a soft fruity taste that tends to resemble the mild aroma of natural herbs with a blend of walnut-like savor when you taste this olive oil. Erkence is produced from olives harvested early from trees located near the sea level. Early harvesting starts at the end of October and the beginning of November.

Eskisi Gibi Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Stone Crushed - Water Pressed)

Taris     500ml.
This olive oil is obtained through grinding hand-picked olives with the use of granite millstones within a short time, and pressing the olive paste in sacks using water below 27 ºC. This traditional method gives the olive oil a smooth flavor and darker yellow hue.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Max. 0.8%)

Kirlangic     750ml.
Produced from high quality Aegean olives. First Cold Pressed. Best use with salads.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (North Aegean)

Taris     3l.
First Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from North Aegean Regions. With a maximum acidity of 0.8%, this cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil is a real fruit juice with a clear, yellow green color. Recommended for use in salads, dipping, special dishes and marinades. OU Kosher Product

First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taris     700ml.
Providing the consumers the genuine Aegean olive oil since 1915, Tariş now brings you the selected oils of the First Harvest each year in their golden bottles. This elixir of life that was presented to us thousands of years ago, is also named as the Golden Liquid. Arrival of the Autumn, the first dews on the olives, the beginning of the FIRST HARVEST with love and excitement all make the farmer appreciate and be proud of his hard work.. That’s why we wanted to share with you this honor and value. We embottled this Organic First Harvest product in golden bottles.

Moskonisi Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cunda Region)

Taris     500ml.
Moskonisi, meaning “the fragrant island”, is the old name of Cunda Island. Feel the cool Northern wind from Kaz Mountains in this savory oil produced from the olives grown at sea level.