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100% Olive Oil Soap w/ Lavender

Taris 400g.
Delivering the fresh breeze of the lavender picked up from the foothills of the Ida Mountain, this soap containing real lavender granules and as such great for relaxing the body has been made from 100% olive oil through traditional methods. Offered for your liking in packages of 400 and 800 grams, this exquisite soap contains only olive oil, lavender, water and mineral salts and no bleach, no lather and no chemical fragrances. Our soaps in the “Eskisi Gibi Lavender” series are of their natural color as they are produced by completely traditional methods with no additives. As such, there may be color variation over time. They do not contain any animal additives and they have not been tested on animals. As lavender has also a soothing effect on the skin, it is also recommended as aroma-therapy soap. Suitable for use on hands, face, hair, and as bathing soap, you may use the small pieces in the special packaging during your travels or in your drawers to make your underwear and garments smell beautiful.
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