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Village Style Extra Coarse Bulgur

Reis 1kg.
It is a kind of dark large coarse bulgur obtaining from hard Durum bulgur. It is produced in South East Anatolia, especially in Sanlıurfa, and has a specific taste and odour. It is an important source of fibre, magnesium, B vitamin and manganese.
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Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Filling

Tadelle     30g.
Legendary Tadelle consists of the unique mixture of highest quality cocoa and abundant hazelnut. It does not contain any trans fat, and stuff obtained through chemical reactions. Pure vanilla extract obtained from natural plants is used. Moreover, Tadelle uses non-GMO soy lecithin in all its products.

Laviva - Milk Chocolate Bar with Dark Chocolate Filling and Biscuit

Ulker     35g
Laviva from Ulker is 35 grams of delicious gourmet chocolate lava on the top of a cocoa biscuit, covered with milk chocolate. This premium quality chocolate is lovely looking taste bomb.

Roasted Antep Pistachios

Tadim     200g
This taste adds flavor to life! Pistachio is a great companion while having fun or enjoying a nice chat, gives flavor to desserts and dishes. It’s double the protein value, and four times richer in phosphorus as compared with meat. It helps reduce cholesterol, prevents the rise of blood sugar. Together with these unique qualities, always fresh and delicious pistachios are only in Tadim packages! Vitamin B1 in its content helps aid blood production, reduces the cholesterol level in blood and optimizes the brain functions such as comprehension and learning. Furthermore vitamin B1 has positive affects on energy levels, growth and appetite. It is necessary for stomach, intestines, heart and heart muscles. It has an anti-aging affect and also reduces the harmful affects of cigarettes and alcohol. It has high fiber content. It has been shown that food items with high fiber content aid a balanced increase in blood sugar levels and help prevent constipation and some types of cancer. It has been determined that coronary heart disease risk and the death rates due to this disease decrease as the amount of fiber consumed increases.

Extra Extra Coarse Bulgur

Duru     1kg.
It is a very valuable and nutritious semi-finished foodstuff that only composes of water and wheat and that is obtained by cleaning, boiling, drying the wheat and grinding it in different kinds of mills after removing its peel and classifying it according to grain sizes. Turkey is the homeland of Bulgur.

Natural Sele Olives in Dry Salt

Taris     950g
Carefully selected black olives are harvested during the maturity period and processed with dry with salt in layers. Reaching to your tables with Taris quality, these olives are in the caliber of 290-321 fruits per kg.