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100% Pomegranate Glaze

Fersan     330g.
The pomegranate sour which is One of the indispensable classics of Turkish cuisine; has an aromatic flavor between sour and sweet. Besides the usage as salad dressing, it is an indispensable for those who seek local flavor in exotic plates.

100% Pomegranate Sour Sauce (Glass)

Doganay     340g.
Rich in Vitamin C, iron and potassium, the sweet and sour juice of the pomegranate is filtered after boiling. The pomegranate glaze is an intense, full flavoured reduction of the wonderful fruit juice ingredient, with the texture of demi-glaze. It adds a distinctive taste to soups, meals, salads. Mix it with olive oil to make a dressing for salads. Brush it on grilled meat, turkey, chicken, poultry and seafood. Use it to glaze roasts. Add wine or fruit juice for an exotic drink.

Aegean Pine Honey

Balparmak     350g.
95 percent of the world’s pine honey production happens in Turkey’s Aegean region. The honeys used in Balparmak Strained Pine Honey are produced predominantly in Yerkesik and Marmaris, and are carefully blended with expert assurance and matchless quality.

Aegean Pine Honey

Balparmak     460g.
With an exquisite taste and pleasant aroma all its own, Pine Forest Honey will carry back you to the pine forests of the Aegean. Blended with great care, this honey is guaranteed by experts to be of unparalleled Balparmak quality. The journey of Pine Forest Honey to your plate begins with the Marchelina Hellenica insect that inhabits the pine trees of the Aegean. This insect deposits a sugary liquid that it cannot digest on pine trees. Honeybees gather this up and process it with enzymes secreted from their bodies. Any connoisseur of flavor must get a taste of pine honey, 90% of which is produced in Turkey’s Aegean Region. You are welcome to add this delicious 460 g Balparmak Pine Forest Honey into your life!

Aged Full Fat Cow's Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Taciroglu     450g.
The White Cheese is produced from cow′s milk with an exquisite taste and smell, and is allowed to mature for 6 months to reach its ideal taste and texture. It adds deliciousness to all meals and breakfasts, throughout the day.

Aged Full Fat Goat's Cheese

Taciroglu     450g.
Taciroglu Classic Goat's Cheese is produced from a delicious mixture of high-quality goat, cow and goat milks. It is matured for at least 6 months to get its ideal taste and special texture. It is indispensable for those who like traditional tastes and seek special tastes in white cheese.