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Exclusive Stuffed Grape Leaves (~16pcs)

Stuffed Deluxe- 8oz.
Product Description
Family owned Beypazari Yaprak Dolma.

Freshly vacuumed pack, never frozen, never canned, nothing added.

This stuffed grape leaves will be a great hit for your party or gathering. Beware, your guests might want to eat more than you would anticipate.

Keep refrigerated. Once opened, the package's contents must be consumed within 5 weeks.

Stuffed Deluxe is an artisanal gourmet stuffed grape leaves, 100% hand rolled and natural with no preservatives. It's not from a can and has never been frozen. This is the only product of its kind on the market. These tasty and nutritional, fresh-packed stuffed grape leaves set a new standard, unlike any other on the market today.

Vineyards where Stuffed Deluxe’s grape leaves are coming from are a cultural heritage for centuries in virgin nature of Aegean where blue and green meet love. Concord grape leaf, rich mineral and antioxidant source, is what Stuffed Deluxe produces in their own yards without using any chemical or protective agents.

They brine the concord grape leaf which is very thin and delicious in oak barrels an old known method to protect its flavor more naturally and effectively.

They carefully select and supply the materials that they use from the best quality and top level brands in its own sector.

During the complete hand-made production process performed in an ultra hygienic environment a worker can make an average of 600gr production in an hour.

They are making the production in their ISO quality certified plants equipped with cutting-edge technology.
Vine Leaves, Rice, Onion, Sunflower Oil, Tomato Paste, Pepper Paste, Mixed Herbs, Vegetable Mix and Salt.

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