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Sizma Zeytinyagi (Soguk sıkma)

Saray 3.80l.(1 gal)
Yesile kacan altin sarisi bulanik rengiyle sunulan bu sizma zeytinyagi keskin zeytin kokusuyla salatalara, soslara ve Turk Mutfaginin zeytinyagli yemeklerine mukemmel tat verir. %100 Soguk Sikma Sizma Zeytinyagi Kolesterol Icermez. Turkiye de Uretilmistir.
Stok durumu: Stokta


15ml icin: Kalori: 120 Yag: 14gr Kolesterol: 0mg Sodyum: 0mg Karbonhidrat: 0gr Protein: 0gr

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15ml icin: Kalori: 120 Yag: 14gr Kolesterol: 0mg Sodyum: 0mg Karbonhidrat: 0gr Protein: 0gr

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Bu ürünü satin müsteriler bulari da satin aldi


Ulker     37g.
Bol bol findik, enfes çikolata ve dayanilmaz gofret. Yillardir bildigimiz, vazgeçemedigimiz lezzet. Turuncusuyla, sarkisiyla bagimlilik yaratan gofret. Ya da kisaca; nat nat nat Çokonat!

Etli Mantı

Ohanyan's     1lb.
Geleneksel Turk mutfağının muhteşemi Ohanyan kalitesiyle sofralarinizda...

1. Kalite Antep Fistigi

Altin Fistik     1lb.
If you still haven't tasted Antep pistachios, you don't know the real taste of pistachios. They are slightly smaller than other pistachios with full delicious nutty flavor and great crunch. Each serving is packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals.

Parmak Sucuk (Aci)

Ohanyan's     ~1.15lb.
Amerika'dan Turkiye'ye giden sucuk:) Mukemmel tadiyla vazgecemeyeciginiz bir tat.

Sucuk (Acisiz)

Apikoglu     1lb.
If you’ve spent any time in Turkey, the Balkans, the Middle East or Central Asia, you know that Soujouk is a wonderfully spicy dry sausage! Alternatively known as sucuk or sudžuk, soujouk is eaten in many of these regions from breakfast through dinner. While it is traditional in some regions to eat this dense, chewy, flavorful sausage as an appetizer or in a sandwich - once the casing is removed - Turkish-style soujouk really shines when cooked! The secret to the goodness of our mild sausage is the quality of beef and our signature seasonings, which include garlic and hot red pepper. Remove the casing, pan sear our sausage sliced – no need to add butter or oil – and the culinary possibilities for our Mild Halal Soujouk will inspire you! Top with fried eggs or add to an egg scramble or frittata. Use as a topping on homemade pizza or flatbread instead of pepperoni or chorizo. Serve in a flatbread, lavash bread or on a hot dog roll, with your favorite condiments, and you will be in sausage heaven! Classically enjoyed with sauerkraut or with braised white cabbage and a side of mashed potatoes, soujouk is also the key ingredient in “kuru fasulye”, the unofficial national stew of Turkey.